Pallet delivery Europe

Sending palletized cargo overseas from the UK has been our core business for many years. We specialize in express pallet courier services to Europe and back, regular pallet distribution, scheduled transport. Our strength is the ability to consolidate many small loads so that we can offer international and European pallet delivery cheaper than most UK freight forwarding companies.

Freight Forwarders EU

Looking for a cheap freight to Europe? We offer very flexible services. You can choose from the express courier same day delivery, next day pallet delivery, shared or full van / container transport. Our network of cheapest European Freight Forwarders covers the entire continent. Our cargo shipping hub transports goods to and from all possible directions by road, sea, rail and air.

Customs clearance

Are you ready for the new customs clearance UK regulations that come in force from 01.01.2022? As a freight forwarder looking to provide all services in-house we have taken advantage of UK Government grant scheme and manage to secure money to get a 3rd party software and professional training to act as a customs broker. We will make sure your goods cross the UK / EU border as before BREXIT.

Express Pallet Delivery

Next day Pallet delivery

Whether it's just 1 pallet delivery to Europe, 2, 3 or full articulated lorry we can provide very competitive quote. We move standard Euro Pallets, small, custom made and oversized, non standard pallets. We will compare freight to Europe costs for you.

European Road Freight

Sending freight to Europe by road is quick and cost-effective. Most European Pallet Deliveries carried by road transport can be accomplished within 48 hours. Contact us for cheap European road freight carried out by best, cheap UK freight forwarders.

Courier services Europe

We offer cheap international courier services to Europe from the UK and to the UK. Most cargo is transported on pallets which facilitate loading and unloading. Our express pallet courier Europe will collect and delivery any freight same day if feasible.

Freight Forwarders UK Worldwide and European express cargo transport and pallet delivery

Road Freight Europe

Cargo transport to Europe from the UK and back to the United Kingdom is our strength. For each collection and delivery we compare prices offered by UK, Spanish, German and French road transport companies. Our European distribution and freight forwarding network will do everything to save you money. We have haulage companies in every European country.

Sea shipping

The cheapest way of sending palletized goods to Europe is road freight transport. However the quickest and the cheapest way of importing cargo worldwide is sea shipping. Our cheap rates are available for shared, groupage, part load, consolidated, combined and full 20 ft container and 40 ft container shipping. Compare international freight forwarding firms.

Air freight

Sending cargo to Europe or worldwide by air freight is the fastest way of providing your customers with your products. There are many air cargo services available - economy, express, door to door or port to port. We will compare air freight rates and offer you quickest pallet delivery, boxes, parcel shipping. Get free international air freight quote.

Cargo / Freight

Our freight to Europe and cargo to worldwide transport services are suitable for any type of goods. For private sector we transport boxes on pallets, furniture, motorcycles, cars and other household goods. For business customers we offer cheap International and European pallet delivery for all industries: food, automotive and parts, IT, electronic and more.

Freight Forwarding Companies

Freight forwarding refers to the services utilized by an international and multinational import and export domestic goods, cargo and pallet delivery companies. UK, Overseas or European freight forwarder only acts as a middle man between the various personal effects, commercial stock or goods on pallet shipping companies and clients. Freight to Europe by road firms do not ship the consignment by themselves. Cargo Shipment of consignment from the UK to another country worldwide or in Europe very often involves multiple carriers, different method of transport, legalities and requirements. A good freight forwarder will take care of the remarkable portion of the logistics involved in pallet to Europe delivery by road and other services and thereby relieving the client of great burden. With a European freight forwarding services, the transportation of palletized goods and consignment safely to the final destination on the stipulated date is guaranteed. The best freight forwarding companies in Europe leverage on the rapport it has established with different kinds of express pallet delivery and courier companies ranging from air freighters, rail freighters and trucking companies to ocean liners, heavy haulage firms. Freight forwarding services negotiate the best deal by comparing different bids and selecting the best taking into consideration, the price, time and reliability. Best freight forwarder will always compare pallet delivery to Europe costs for free and provide you with best delivery quotes. Here you can check on our pallet delivery to Poland form the UK services.

The client receives one or more freight to Europe estimates as well as advisement from a freight forwarding agent respectively when necessary. The freight transport or pallet to Europe price will be affected by certain considerations which include the origin and delivery destinations and special requirements such as transportation of hazardous material, refrigeration or temperature controlled features and others. The freight is prepared for shipping to Europe if the client accepts the delivery costs obtained by the European freight forwarder. Then the pallet haulage company will make arrangement for the transportation of the freight to Europe from the UK.

A cheap and good worldwide freight forwarding broker takes care of the additional services that are included in international shipping business such as custom documentation, paperwork and clearing, insurance and others. Handling of these services is one advantages of using the services of an experienced freight forwarder Europe. A non-vessel operating common carrier (NVOCC) documentation can also be handled by a pallet delivery Europe as a consolidator. They can also provide bills of lading, risk assessment and management, warehousing, international payment methods and others. With services of a good UK freight forwarder, you will be saved from stress, headaches and time wasting. Plus, your cargo and pallets will be shipped and delivered safely at the best rate. Any company dealing on the transportation of goods across the borders will definitely find the service of a cheap freight forwarder useful. They are helpful when there is a limited resource within a business that deals on international importation or exportation of goods.

Sending a pallet to Europe and worldwide costs

The basic factor that determines the pallet shipping costs is the European freight forwarding market even though there are other factors that come into play in determining this. Some months are regarded as slow season for European haulage of goods especially from the UK to Europe. The slow season starts from December to April. This is because after the Christmas not many pallet delivery activities are witnessed in the retail market. However, a lot of cargo is being shipped from mid-January to early February in order to meet up with the deadline of the Chinese New Year during which companies and factories throughout the countries are closed for a number of weeks. This results in increase in shipping to Europe costs because of lack of space for cargo being loaded on lorries and vessels for shipment. The peak season for European logistics comes up around May and ends by May. During this period, there is increase in demands for sending cargo to Europe from UK and freight going into the United States. The express pallet delivery to Europe couriers normally increased their freight shipping rates during the peak period including PSS (peak season surcharge) and General Rate Increase (GRI).

Another factor that contributes to volatility in shipping freight to Europe costs is what is referred to as Bunker Fuel factor or simply fuel factor. It refers to the floating surcharge that is determined by the rise or fall of oil prices.  It is normally referred to as BAF. The increase in European road freight cost incurred by the pallet transport companies is another factor that makes the cargo shipping cost to be volatile. Rise in terminal cost especially with Unions, rise as a result of congestion issues and others can result in rise in pallet to Europe shipping costs. Another factor that makes the European cargo services rates not to be steady is the increase in Rail cost for similar reasons. In these situations, the freight forwarder can include new surcharges. This has happened before in the past. But the 'all in' rate quoted has now absorbed the earlier practice.

Unintelligent response to the downturn experienced in traffic and volume due to the recent EU economic meltdown in 2008. Many European pallet couriers lost about 50 percent of their previous volume and while they incur either higher UK to Europe freight shipping costs or the same costs with a drastic decrease in revenue generated. At the beginning of the year, they lost an average of $500,000,000 per transport company.  Between 2009 and May 2010 most hauliers put a huge number of their fleet off the road. In this way, there was limited supply of vehicles or seemingly lack of space. The road transport companies shipping freight to Europe from the UK see this as an excuse to increase their rates again as a means of saving their businesses. This is not a normal thing. Follow this link to read about pallet delivery to Switzerland.

European Logistics

What should I do to avoid any cheap pallet delivery Europe delays and ensure that freight shipping process goes smoothly? First, ensure all necessary documents that will be required by your best freight forwarder such as packing lists, original bill of lading commercial invoice and others are correctly and timely prepared by your overseas supplier if you are importing or by you if you are exporting cargo and you are the supplier. This will make it possible for all documents to be sent to you (as the importer) or to your buyer-consignee on the B/L (if you are exporting) with the necessary bank details at least one week before the cargo shipping to destination port so the custom clearance and other arrangements have to be completed before the stipulated time. The original bill of laden has to be presented and payment for freight to Europe transport made. The process of same day pallet delivery or next day cargo removals is usually slowed down by one major factor, namely, discrepancies between the supplier and buyer which will make payment for the goods delivery not to be made and the consignee has not received the OB/L from the supplier. Contact our European Logistics team to compare cheap freight forwarding companies Europe to UK and UK to Europe.

Shipping to Europe

Pallet shipping to Europe and general freight forwarding is a sensitive issue especially if you have been importing goods for a long time and you have established many years of relationship with an European haulage companies, exporters, importers, manufactures and buyers. You need to make sure that every time you send products to Europe from UK all paper work is completed correctly. Misunderstanding can arise and pallet shipping companies will not keep to the agreement and before you know it, your cargo has been delivered and it is not released. Your cheap Freight to Europe will will incur some demurrage for you or worse still, your customers that give you plenty of freight forwarding to Europe work may go elsewhere as they have deadline as well and other things. The final analysis is that you need the urgent release of your cargo. The truth is that your cargo cannot be delivered unless you provide the OB/L. If you don't get it, the only alternative is for you to resolve issues with your supplier and ask them to send a written instruction to the office in Europe that is holding the cargo or UK freight shipping to Europe agent in the port of origin authorising the release of the cargo. The written instruction can substitute the OB/L. In this way, the supplier will not issue the UK to Europe shipping company for releasing the cargo without a written consent.

How many pallets are you moving per month?

The amount of pallets we move to Europe from the UK each month differs depend on the time of year. On average we arrange 100 deliveries. Each transport can be 1 or 24 pallets.

Do you ship household goods abroad?

Yes! But we are an international freight forwarder and not an international pallet moving company. In most cases our assistance is limited to organizing one way van hire with a driver to Europe from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland or the other way around. We do not provide loading or packing services. However if you require we can provide rates for professional international packing or palletizing services. If we provide a transit, Luton van or a lorry or an empty shipping container to your premises. It is your responsibility to load it properly.

Do you provide auto shipping services to Europe?

Yes! But we provide it under certain conditions. Please contact out office to find out more about out cheap car transport to Europe services.

    Cheap pallet delivery to Europe costs

  • Get ready to load your pallet to Europe in order cut collection and delivery costs. If we have to wait for you to get your cargo ready, once the van has arrived, we will have to charge you for extra time. This is because the first hour from the time the driver arrives at your home or business premises is included in our cheap freight to Europe rate given to you. You will be charged for additional time spent by the driver if we have to wait. We advise that you get enough hands and get ready in advance to ensure that loading is completed within the free hour. As one of the best European freight forwarders we can organize the loading and unloading for you but this has to be agreed before the booking of the transport.

  • Properly prepare the goods you want to ship on a pallet or in a container to Europe so that they will withstand the transport. Containers and vans are exposed to extreme harsh conditions such as change in temperature, humid condition inside the container as they are moved via English Canal. Also the temperature in various European countries is different to what we got used to here in the United Kingdom. In storage facility or warehouse, they are also exposed to triple digit heat and humidity as well as conditions below the freezing point unless temperature controlled storage has been requested.

  • Ensure that you declare any organic cargo
    Organic materials such as vegetables, fruits, plants and edible plants are handled in different manner depending on the departure and destination location of the consignment. Food products usually require express pallet delivery couriers. Also your cargo can be quarantined by custom if they discover any undeclared organic material in your cargo and you will be charged holding fees on daily basis. Our cheap European haulage companies offer same day pallet delivery to Europe from London, Bristol, Brighton, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds, Preston, Glasgow, Edinburgh. We sent any type of freight to Europe from Leicester, Southampton, Northampton, Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Cardiff, Belfast, Dublin, Ipswich, Norwich, Reading, Oxford, Telford, Warrington and all the UK. We offer express pallet delivery to Europe - Austria, Germany, France and more.

  • Cargo insurance
    Do you have a plan for unfortunate incidents? Sometimes, one unfortunate incident may cause some of the contents of your cargo (or even all) not to get to final destination. Sometimes the van can get involved in a traffic accident and some to your freight can get damaged. Sometimes, the unscrupulous workers accompanying the cargo can tamper with its content. This is not actually taken as stealing as items being moved are considered to be the shipping company's property. Visit our cargo insurance page and learn on how to secure, insure and declare the content of your pallet delivery to Europe from UK properly in order to manage suspicion, risk of inspection, mistakes and attrition. Cheap UK to Europe Freight forwarder limits they liability as set in terms and conditions. Make sure you extend your cover to a level that gives you a piece of mind. We also offer pallet to Portugal delivery.

  • Know that freight forwarding is not only a trade but also an art
    A lot of cheap pallet delivery and European haulage companies can be engaged in the shipment of your cargo. For example your cargo is transported from your home or warehouse to the port of origin which may be train yard, seaport or airport by the trucking company, the boxes, furniture, cargo, pallets or containers are loaded from the truck onto the train, ship, bigger lorry or aircraft depending on cheapest way of sending freight to Europe. This is just one side of the process, at the destination port, the reverse process will also take place. The ride is always rough even when the weather is good. Top UK freight forwarder as us offer cheap delivery of freight to Europe from London, Coventry, Newcastle, Guildford, Aberdeen, Bristol, Kent, Surrey, Bedford, Bradford, Shrewsbury, Swansea, Cambridge, Peterborough and all Great Britain.

Compare European haulage companies, cheap pallet delivery to Europe quotes and best UK Freight Forwarders!