Freight and pallet delivery to Finland

Pallet delivery to Finland from UKOur UK to Finland freight forwarding and heavy haulage company provides stress-free and smooth cargo transport services from the UK to Scandinavia via a number of means whether you opt for our economy groupage services or our flagship express pallet delivery services. Our full load trucks as well as our part load trucks leave UK for Finland on almost every business day (which is not possible for most our competitors) because we are a major freight forwarder to the Nordic region. Our clients are not frustrated as the shipping vehicle do not wait to be filled up with consignments delaying timely transportation..

Express freight forwarding to Finland from UK are able to ship goods, pallets, engine, machinery and any other commercial and business cargo from the UK to Finland and from Finland to the UK. If you are looking to move full 1, 2, 3, or 4 bedroom house, some furniture or deliver your personal goods, Cheap Freight to Finland recommends that you use our 24/7 road haulage services too. Our UK companies shipping to Finland have the required expertise to deliver your personal effects and household goods safely to all Scandinavian countries.

We provide both 48hour/2day pallets delivery to Finland from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales services and economy groupage shared van transport services for cheap pallet delivery within 3-5 days. Both of these road haulage to Finland services are among the best and are delivered at a competitive moving rate. Express pallet courier to Finland don't limit ourselves with that. If you have valuable, fragile, secure and time sensitive business-to-business cargo to deliver to Finland from the UK or from Finland back to the UK, our fleet of dedicated express courier vans to Europe is the most suitable option for you. In order to ensure a non-stop movement, we are able to provide a two-man team of drivers to drive the truck from any where in the UK - London, Brighton, Leeds, Sheffield, Chester, Nottingham, Bristol, Cardiff and more to anywhere in FIN - Helsinki, Espoo, Tampere, Vantaa, Oulu, Turku, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti or Kouvola . With our efficient cheap last minute sending pallets to Finland system, our movers are able to arrive in Helsinki from London in less than one and a half day. If we leave from Glasgow, it will take us 48 hours to deliver.

Cargo haulage to Finland firms specialise in goods on pallets as well as in express cargo delivery from the UK to Finland and from all Great Britain. We can provide express courier to Helsinki from London, Brighton, Birmingham, Newcastle, Plymouth, Derby, Ipswich, Norwich and more. Express Freight to Finland offers last minute freight to Espoo from Brighton, cheap road transport from Liverpool to Tampere, next day pallet delivery to Vantaa from Nottingham, furniture shipping to Oulu from Derby, full house removals to Turku from Glasgow, air freight to Jyväskylä from Edinburgh, international moving to Kuopio from Leeds. As a professional express pallet delivery and freight forwarder to Finland from the UK company we offer car transport to Lahti from Leicester, motorcycle haulage to Kouvola from Aberdeen, car engine shipping to Pori from Manchester, sea shipping to Joensuu from Northampton, last minute cargo freight to Lappeenranta from Shrewsbury, palletized goods moving to Hämeenlinna, sending boxes to Vaasa from Ipswich, auto parts transport to Rovaniemi from Norwich, one way man with a van to Seinäjoki from London, van and driver hire to Mikkeli from Cambridge and relocation services to Kotka from Peterborough.

Haulage to Finland from UK

Express haulage to FinlandCheap cargo haulage to Finland have a fleet of freight vans used for road transportation which are packed in our various local depots throughout the UK. Our express pallets to Finland networks have dedicated vans that are ready waiting to be driven to the collection point of your choice for the collection of freight to be delivered to Finland. Our drivers are well trained and they are able to manage the trucks professionally running within the speed limit allowed from the UK through Euro-tunnel or the Channel ports to Finland passing France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and then enter the Nordic region via Denmark crossing the Oresund Bridge and passing Sweden before entering Finland. There is also another land route of getting to Finland moving through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Regardless of the route followed, the consignment has to be ferried to Finland within a short journey. Your export will be delivered quickly whether you are importing from Finland into the UK or exporting from the UK into Finland because about 95% of the road journey is completed via the express European motorway regardless of the route chosen by our European cargo Courier.

Our groupage services from the UK to Finland or from Finland to the UK are ideal options for our express shipping services for flagship offerings. We are equal to the task and capable of handling any cargo from and to both countries are it UK or Euro pallets, plastic pallets, printers pallets, boxes, wooden pallets, cartons, stillages, cages, skids, shrink wrapped, stretch wrapped and export packed. Finish freight forwarders have a team of professional international shipping agents that have the required experience and expertise in shipping freight to Finland at short notice. This implies that we have partnership with other European haulage and transport companies and thus they will not reject any delivery logistics we organize.

Our major business remains haulage to Finland. We are specialist in arranging shipments for different types of consignments including awkward shapes and sizes according to the requirements of our clients. UK to Finland shippers can organize delivery for different sizes of consignment whether it is bulky, high or lengthy or whether it is a timed pick-ups, heavy machinery and drop-off. We offer specialist vehicles including haulage vehicles suitable for use in Finland's road freight and vehicles with tail-lifts for easy loading and unloading of the consignment from the truck. So, you don't have any double mind in contacting us if you have an unusual or awkwardly shaped consignment. Contact us immediately to discuss your needs with our team of freight advisers.

We are a family-owned cheap courier and express freight forwarder to Finland that takes pride in providing strong support services to our clients. We don't run impersonal call centres. If you call our contact number, the same expert that will handle all aspects of your shipment will speak with you directly. The international transport to Finland expert that will speak with you will explain the various service options available for you to make a choice. You can also seek for his advice regarding which option is the best for you.

You will be provided with the most affordable rates/quotes for your boxes, furniture, or commercial goods shipment to Finland. Your order will be booked and you will be kept posted with the progress from the beginning to the end of the shipment by the same team of experts that you started with from the beginning. Thus, there will be no disconnecting anywhere. With us, your cargo will be safely delivered from the UK to Finland.

Express pallet courier to Finland

Owing to the location of Finland to the northernmost part of the world, a quarter of the territory of the country is located in the Arctic Circle. This is the reason why most of the trade and commerce as well as the population are concentrated in the SouthExpress pallet courier to Finlandern part of the country. There are 19 regions making up Finland. The regions are referred to as maakunta in the local language (Finnish). The regions are Aland Islands, Finland Proper, Uusimaa, Kymenlaakso, Tavastia Proper, South Karelia, Paijanne Tavastia, Satakunta, Pirkanmaa, Southern Savonia, Central Finland, North Karelia, Southern Savonia, Central Finland, North Karelia, Southern Ostrobothnia, Ostrobothnia, Northern Savonia, Central Ostrobothnia, Kainuu, Northern Ostrobothnia and Lapland. The list starts from the regions in south to the regions in the north. Regardless of the region where your consignment will have to be delivered to, our UK and Finnish Express pallet courier to Finland forwarders are able to provide our economy groupie services to each of them. But we regret to mention that our express services of 48 or 2 days delivery are not always available to the remotest parts of the country. But our Cargo to Finland forwarders are able to collect and deliver consignment from the UK or any other European country to Finland and from Finland to any part of Europe - we have great rates for pallet delivery to Slovakia for example. We provide machinery, food products, building materials shipping services on regular basis to and from the cities and towns of Espoo, Joensuu, the capital Helsinki, Kotka, Jyvaskyla, Lahti, Kuopio, Oulu, Mikkeli, Lappeenranta, Tampere, Pori, Rovaniemi, Vaasa, Turku, Vantaa, Vaasa, Hämeenlinna, Kouvola, Pori, Joensuu, Lappeenranta, Hämeenlinna, Vaasa, Rovaniemi, Seinäjoki, Mikkeli, Kotka, Salo, Porvoo, Lohja, Kokkola, Hyvinkää, Järvenpää, Rauma, Kajaani, Savonlinna, Kerava, Nokia, Ylöjärvi, Kaarina and others.

Finland became a member of the European Union in 1995 and thus express pallet shipping to Finland does not require any special documentation. This has impacted positively in the trade between the countries resulting in growth. Some of the items we transport from the UK to Finland include machinery, electronics, metal engineered products, vehicles, paper, timber and forestry. Last minute freight specialize in providing affordable international shipping of these types of consignment. The most suitable option for low cost pallet delivery services for manufactured goods is our shared load shipment to Finland. Why do you have to search for haulage services to Finland elsewhere when we are capable of handling different pallets such as 120x100 and 120x80 centimetre pallet base as well as stackable and non-stackable pallet. For last minute, short notice and express pallet collection and delivery to Finland form the UK we offer our man and van hire services.

Road transport to Finland

We are the right UK freight forwarder or shipping company to transport your cargo from the UK to Finland is it full load or consolidated groupage. Our services include expert advice, nationwide shipping logistics, delivery services, warehousing and local partner depots in Helsinki and other cities including Lapland. What else would you want from an European shipping company that you cannot get from us. Call us for the shipment of your goods from the UK to Finland or vice versa. We also offer pallet deliver to Austria from Finland and UK.

Where is Finland located?

Finland is a country in the northern Europe that is located between Sweden and Russia. It is one of the Nordic countries that has boundary with Baltic Sea, Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia.

If you need advice about the Anglo Finnish trade, you should contact us as soon as possible so that our team of UK to Finland road transport expert will advise you accordingly.

Finland is one of the member countries of the European Union (EU). It occupied the fourth position in the Global Competitiveness Index of the World Economic Forum between (WEF) 2014 to 2015. WEF also ranked the country's primary and higher education, healthcare and innovative environment as the best in the world. As contained in the World Bank Report 2014, the country is the ninth easiest country to run a business.

The country's population is wealthy and technologically sophisticated. There is immediate recognition of goods from the UK in Finland which is an indication that goods from the UK are well received in the country.

Exporting to Finland

The widely used language of doing business is the English language. The political and economic situations of the country have remained stable. UK businesses exporting to Finland are able to gain access via geographical location into the wider markets.

The strong sides of the Finnish market are:

  • The economy is stable
  • Finland has strong telecommunication sector and the application of innovative technology in the country is very high.
  • The government pays strong attention to the establishment of a global marketplace and the removal of obstacles to trade.
  • The country has low corruption level with open business environment.


The business environment in Finland is quite similar with the business environment of UK. Thus, if you are successful in marketing your product or service in the UK, it is much likely that you will also be successful in marketing your products or services in Finland.

Currently the UK companies exporting in Finland are facing no major challenges.

The market economy of Finland is highly industrialized and largely free. Its domestic product is one of the highest per capital in Europe. The short term economic outlook of Finland is subdued. As from 2015 and onwards, it is expected that the economy will recover moderately. About 50% of the GDP of Finland comes from exports.

The economy of the country is driven largely by export which is based on the high tech goods and services and forest industry products. The industrial and service industries have strong base and they are quite booming in Finland.

The sectors with high priority for economic development in the country are chemical industry, bio economy and clean technology, services, electronics, life sciences technologies and information and telecommunication technologies. Follow this link to see some info on shipping to Ireland from Finland.

Trade agreements

Finland belongs to the European Union as well as the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Import duties are not imposed on the goods manufactured in the UK which are brought into Finland.

Kindly contact our team immediately if you are having any challenges in respect to the running of the Single Market.

Gateway to markets

Finland occupies a strategic location in Europe. It is located in the middle of 80 million consumers from the Scandinavia, north-western Russia and Baltic States which have rapidly developing marketplace.

UK and Finland trade

In 2014, the value of goods imported into Finland from the UK was £1.6 billion while the value of services exported from the UK to Finland in the same year was £1 billion. The United Kingdom in 2014 was ranked the 7th largest trading partner of Finland.

FinlandThe top UK exports to Finland are:

  • vehicles
  • scientific and optical equipment
  • electrical products
  • machinery and components
  • chemical products and pharmaceuticals

Opportunities for UK Business shipping goods to Finland

The rate at which consumers in Finland demand high quality consumer brands is on the increase. Besides local consumption, tourists from Russia spend close to one billion Euros on yearly basis in goods and services in Finland. There are about 600 Finnish companies operating in Russia and thus the UK businesses exporting to Finland can also penetrate the Russian market through Finnish companies.

Opportunities exist for the UK retail companies in the following sectors:

  • consumer electronics
  • home decoration
  • food and drink
  • fashion
  • Here you can see some info about our Finland to Portugal pallet transport

Express Pallet delivery to Finland from UK

We specialize in providing reliable pallet delivery services from the UK to Finland and vice versa at a very much reduced price. Both individuals and businesses can hire our European service.

The time frame for our pallet delivery service is 5 8 days from the day the pallet is collected from the collection point.

How much is pallet shipping to Finland?

The commonest means of delivering pallet from the UK to Finland is by ground transportation through our extensive network of pallet delivery distribution firms. However, we also offer cheap pallet delivery by sea and airfreight. The quickest means of delivering pallet from the UK to Finland is by air but it is also the most costly means of pallet delivery. If you want your pallet to be delivered via these alternative means of pallet delivery, you need to request for that and we will provide the services to you. With the multiple transportation means that we offer, you are presented with multiple options to choose from. But it is advisable that you weigh the cost implication of each transportation means before you make an informed decision. We also work with Spanish haulage companies to transport goods to Finland.

Cheap pallet delivery quotes to Finland

Finland has a robust commerce as it is a busy country in Europe. Courier Pallet delivery in and through Finland is also much easier thanks to the excellent transportation routes to the country. You can easily obtain quotes for your next day pallet delivery to Finland via our online cargo delivery quotation system. Our Finnish freight forwarders are quite aware that there may be need for you to seek for a professional advice or to make inquiries with regard to pallet collection or delivery from the UK to Finland and vice versa. This is why we have an effective helpline with our staff always available to answer your calls and provide you with professional advice regarding cargo on pallet shipping to and from Finland.

Finland Trade, Exports and Imports boast of a well-developed trading economy with the manufacturing sector contributing a large part. The country has a large free open market and well established industrial sector. One third of its GDP is accounted for by its manufacturing units. The high tech product which includes the mobile phones dominates the trade of the nation. However, as it is the case with other countries with manufacturing economy, raw materials as well as components for its manufactured goods are imported in large amounts. We also work with many German freight forwarders shipping to Austria.

Finland trade: Export and imports

The value of Finland's export was estimated to be $57.88 billion in 2009. This showed that the country's export witnessed a decline from $96.62 billion the figure obtained in 2008. However, the country's economy was able to withstand the recession with its export volumes being ranked 40th in the world.

The major export commodities of Finland are machinery, electrical and optical equipment, paper and pulp, transport equipment, basic metals, chemicals and timber. The export is dominated by the electronic that constituted about 23.3% of the total export volume. The chemical industry which contributes 15.9% of the total volume of export of the country is the second largest sector of the export in the country while machinery and equipment makes up 14.3% of the total export volume to take the third position. The above figures were given in 2008.

The main export partners of Finland in their ascending order are the Netherlands, the UK, the US, Germany, Sweden and Russia. Russia contributed 11.6% of the total volume of export from Finland while Sweden and Germany contributed 10% each. 6.4%. 5.5% and 5.1% are contributed by the US, the UK and Netherlands respectively.

The country's import also witnessed a decline from the $90.94 billion obtained in 2008 to $54.1 billion obtained in the following year. Its import volumes was ranked 43rd in the world. We also do cargo transport to Switzerland from Finland.

The major imported commodities were foodstuffs, chemicals, petroleum and petroleum products, iron and steel, transport equipment, machinery, fabrics, textile yarn and grains. Electric and electronic products contributed 17% of the total imports which is the highest among other imported goods. It was seconded by the chemical products which contributed 16.8% of the total imports of the country.

The import partners of Finland in their ascending order are The UK, China, The Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Russia. Russia dominated the import market of Finland contributing 16.2% of the total volume of the country's export. It was seconded by Germany which contributed 15.6% of the total import of the country. Sweden, Netherlands, China and the UK contributed 13.5%, 6.3%, 5% and 4.2% respectively.

Electronics play a major role in trade in Finland contributing significantly to country's exports and imports. You may also like to see more about next day pallet delivery to Italy from Finland.

Freight transport to Finland

Cargo transport to FinlandWe are professional international freight shipping company providing freight transportation to and from Finland. We provide weekly freight transportation services to Finland via Immingham or Hull to the ports of Helsinki and Kotka. We also have shipping trailers that transport consignment to Finland via Sweden and this provides our customers with multiple options to choose from. We don't operate only containers but also trailers on this market. Our services include express shipping, full load and groupage or shared load.

Pallet network to Finland

With our wide pallet delivery UK to Finland network and a range of services, we provide our customers with a complete logistics partnership, stunning flexibility and impressive reliability. We are very efficient with our international cargo forwarding services and always give quick and positive response to our client while providing them with local attention. We give attention to each customer as if his or her project is the only job we have at hand.

We operate in compliance with the international road transport industry ethics and best practices. With our many years of experience in freight forwarding UK to Finland, we have achieved a high level of stability and strong company spirit. Given the volatile nature of the market, we are very pro-active and always ready to adapt to the changing needs of the market. Express haulage to Finland from UK, London, Bristol, Brighton, Guildford, Kent, Surrey always aim at retaining and solidifying our position as the leading logistics and transport solutions provider. We give no sleep to our eyes, always looking for new ways of delivering more reliable and effective solutions that causes little or no harm to our environment making us the most Eco-friendly cargo shipping to Finland company that you can ever find. We also work with many Dutch freight forwarders shipping to Finland.

As a means of carrying everybody along and meeting the requirements of all our clients, our Finnish pallet delivery firms provide both part (also known as groupage or shared load) and full loads. If you hire our services, you will be dealing with well trained and experienced professional that form members of our teams. Our staffs are fully aware of the importance of punctuality in the shipping industry; this is why they are always timely in delivery their services and this makes our services to be predictable. Our employees are well trained in human relationship and thus you will be pleased with the way you will be treated by them. We offer cheap one way van and driver removals for your pallets to Finland delivery needs.

They are polite and are always ready to help out and provide our customers with that best solutions to their needs and challenges. With us, you really have a partner that will never abandon you.

Road transport to and from Finland

We are timely and reliable with the shipment of goods to and from Finland, loading and unloading your goods efficiently regardless of the collection and delivery points be it Helsinki, Vaasa, Tampere, Rovaniemi, Oulu, Turku, Riihimäki, Raasepori, Imatra, Raahe, Sastamala, Raisio, Tornio.

We offer road transportation service (full truck loads) to any country in Europe from all parts of Finland. Our clients do not encounter any communication problems as a result of language because our transport managers in each of the locations that provide services to are able to communicate in the languages of your business partners. Express parcel and boxes delivery to Finland firms also provide efficient combined transport in selected routes.

The advantages of using our cheap freight forwarding to Finland from the UK services:

  • We provide low cost transportation thanks to our ability to minimise empty running.
  • We provide eco-friendly transportation services.
  • We also offer up to 29 tonnes in alternative combined transport.
  • Our trucks are not just environmentally friendly but also modern
  • Our transport managers provide exact transport control
  • We are able to communicate in all the European languages.
  • Delivery to Slovenia

Our top 10 routes in the Finnish Market:

In our full truck loads (FTL) both in our export and import services to and from Finland, the following road transport routes are the most popular: Spain, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, France, Austria, Poland, Italy and Germany. However, we also arrange transportation on daily basis to other countries in Europe.

Get the quote for shipment of goods to Finland by road here. Allow us to give you a free quote without any obligation for the shipment of your goods to Finland by road haulage. Kindly fill out the form here and the details of your move manager who will contact you within four hours (we are available from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday).

The frequently asked questions and their answers given below will definitely be of help to you. Go through them first if you have any inquiry to see if any of them takes care of your concern.

What do you transport?

Our major area of concentration is to arrange full truck load for road and combine transport. We concentrate in transporting to Finland harmless packaged goods obtained from automotive, electronics, chemicals, metals, consumer goods and wood and paper industries.

What advantages does the combined transport give?

We offer inter-modal pallet transport solutions that give a lot of benefits. For example, with it, we provide higher payloads of up to 20 tonnes, stand-by equipment and restrictions during public holidays and at nights are also avoided.

What is the flexibility level of your operation?

Our last minute UK freight forwarders to Finland work 24/7 and are very fast in providing our clients with the solution and in taking the right decision making our communication channels to be short. We maintain contact on daily basis with our clients, drivers and loading/unloading locations. Besides, we put transport management, sales management and account management under the same roof.

What do you understand by quality?

We understand quality as meeting the requirements and expectation of our customers in the services they hire from us. Thus, we carry our services in compliances with the requirements and different industry standards. We have an in-house shared van to Finland service management team that monitors how our bases compliance with this standard. The report of the team is also published in the report of the company for assessment by the management. Give us a call to find out how much does it cost have your pallets delivered to Finland from Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland - Dublin and Belfast. We also do cargo transport to Denmark from Finland.

If you have any other question to ask regarding shipping pallets to Finland costs, feel free to contact us because we are always at your beck and call. If you have any special requirements or you require detailed, general information, you need to complete the contact form and details of your personal contact will be sent to you. Your personal contact will answer all your question and provide sound solutions to you.

Road Freight & Air Freight Forwarding to Finland

International Cargo Shipping and Freight Forwarding to Finland from the UK by Road Freight & Air Freight is that we offer too. We have decades of experience in providing international freight forwarding service for commercial and personal cargo shipping from the UK to Finland.

We work with many UK and Finnish freight forwarders that operate in similar manner with travel agent. But unlike a travel agent that knows the best airlines, cruise lines for holidays, hotels and the likes, we focused on knowing many road freight and air freight carriers that provide services from the UK to both popular and unpopular destinations in Finland and across Europe. We also work with freight forwarders Luxembourg to Finland.

Express road freight to Finland and last minute short notice 24/7 air freight UK to Finland will provide you with a range of services to choose from and at affordable rates that will not only suit your pocket but also meet your delivery time frame. Sending goods on pallets to FinlandWe are also capable of dealing with all documentation and paperwork of your freight and providing you with advice regarding the documentation requirements of the country you are sending your consignment to. Our services include the following:

  • daily full load freight delivery services to Finland
  • one to two weekly part load freight or groupage freight departures
  • express freight van for deliveries that are time sensitive or urgent
  • air freight charters or couriers in locations where the road freight is not fast
  • Urgent freight to Norway

Note that Finland custom requirements do not apply to freight and consignment from the UK because it is an EU and EEC member. However, custom requirements are obliged on bonded cargo. Compare pallet delivery prices to Finland for your express cargo by road.