German freight forwarders

German freight forwarders

We offer same day collection and next day delivery of any type of cargo - pallets, refrigerated food products, oversize pallets, motorcycles, cars, heavy machinery and more. We move goods from Germany to the UK and to the UK from Germany.

Our vehicles travel there and back on many different routes: London to Berlin, Munich to Glasgow, Hamburg to Aberdeen, Essen to Bristol, Dublin to Köln, Frankfurt to Birmingham, Sheffield to Dortmund, Manchester to Stuttgart, Leeds to Düsseldorf and more.

Our economy network of UK and German freight forwarders can collect your cargo at a very short notice keeping the shipping costs down at the same time.

Simply phone us, send us an email or chat to us online to compare many different options for your last minute, express or standard cargo to Germany transport. We are here 24/7 to help you meet your deadlines and commitments.

Our average UK to Germany next day pallet delivery costs are very attractive and can not be easily beaten by other transport companies. Usually we are able to combine every single pallet to Germany transport with other cargo shipping within just a few hours. Most of such moves are delivered the very next day. If we can not do it we will compare quotes from all UK and German freight forwarders we work with and will find you the cheapest way of having your cargo delivered to your customer as soon as possible.

Emergency freight shipping to Germany

If you are ransacking for a low-priced or express standard pallet, dairy products, 40ft container, personal effects, plant equipment or any other cargo delivery to Germany from the UK we would love to quote. Mainly our batch of recognised UK and German freight distribution companies will be pleased to provide a number of cheap haulage services at as soon as a last minute notice and at a bought for a song rate. We not only haul freight and cumbersome cargo from the UK to Germany but we also perform frozen food and any other cargo transport from Germany to the Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium and all European countries.
Our former removals encompass:

  • Last minute meat and fish haulage to Wuppertal and Bremen from Lancaster
  • Express machines shipping to Hannover from Plymouth
  • UK to Germany freight delivery
  • Urgent 6 pallets delivery to Bochum from Preston
  • Same day FCL container transport to Bonn from Coventry
  • Cheap fresh fruits forwarding to Köln from Brighton
  • Next day export to Germany by land of many dairy and furniture manufacturing machinery such as grinding machinery, formers, boilers, cultivators and ovens
  • Economy man and a van for moving house packing boxes and electronics haulage
  • Short notice motorcycle and scooter shipping to Dortmund from the UK
  • Charge less immediate pallet to Germany moving rates estimation, quote
  • Vast network of European freight forwarders

Whether you need to collect and deliver just one Euro pallet, transport a twenty feet container or book short notice shared Large, curtain-side trailers or 3.5 Tonne Luton truck our UK to Germany cargo movers will do it. We also will be happy to carry any volume of road transport containers - twenty-foot, removable tarpaulin roof, wooden box, double doors, forty ft containers and different. We also have the resources to deliver container storage and document storage for diverse jumbles of products - wardrobes, household goods, house and garden items, children's tableware and lunch boxes, furniture, shopping role play, factory equipment, camper vans and more. No matter what your shipping or freight requirements will be we will do price comparison for you on how much is to collect and send cargo, a motorbike, fish and sea food, jumbo goods or all other market cargo to Germany from Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and all the British Empire. With our emergency goods on pallets removal company and with the vast assembly of last minute UK and German cargo distribution companies you can examine average freight to Germany prices within a few blinks.

24/7 Pallet couriers to Germany

If your client attempt to have the freight, excess baggage, big personal belongings, leviathan cargo roll container or some other retailing pallets moved at a short notice and picked up the very next day we are the urgent UK to Germany goods on pallets couriers that are satisfied to deliver the service.

Our friendly, quick, real buy and next day freight courier to Germany from the United Kingdom is capable to provide every freight transport on every demanded way. We are equipped to forward any burdensome cargo from Durham to München, pick up and send chilled products to Bielefeld from Bath, do same day 120 cm × 100 cm pallet transport to Berlin from Worcester, move perishable cargoes container to Duisburg from Lisburn, ship mighty metal processing equipment to Stuttgart from Gloucester, export kids toys, beds or chest of drawers from Mannheim to Nottingham and etc..

Emergency German goods on pallets courier firms do not only forward oversize and cumbrous equipment or joinery machines we also offer economy delivery of any single and small domestic items like cheap removal boxes, garden tools, right hand office desks, tool box, kitchen goods, archive boxes, vases, wallpaper, samples, borders and wall stickers and more.

In case we can’t meet your international freight transport by road needs our crew has the experience to obtain and examine 24/7 pallet haulage costs to Germany from a vast bunch of local-cost and long distance UK and German courier companies. 

Our sales person will inform you how much it costs to haul cargo to Germany from the UK, Cyprus, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and from all Europe and from all the GB along with Scotland and England. You will be contented with our express open-sided container, fresh vegetables and other goods on pallets to Germany road transport rates.

Last minute cargo shipping to Germany

Express freight delivery to Germany is only one of the services our freight forwarder will be honoured to complete. Fundamentally our across-the-board abroad association of cheap pallet freight forwarders send movables, transport fish and sea food, ship a TV’s and other money-making wares across all European Union countries. Our branch has the expertise to reach the end of short notice freight transportation Düsseldorf to Hamburg, emergency frozen food removals Dresden to Málaga, last minute a half of a container forwarding Essen to Vienna, urgent huge machinery export Nürnberg to Riga, next day half pallet haulage Frankfurt to Stuttgart, same day auto and truck shipping Hamburg to Dresden, Nuremberg to Leipzig, Wuppertal to Alicante, Naples to Bremen and many more. Our sales representative understand approximate cargo to Germany moving expenses and we will be delighted to collect and transport abroad any number of freight to any city you strive - 450 kg quarter pallet to Hannover, 350 kg Euro2 pallet to Bochum, 1,2 ton Euro1 pallet to Bonn, 650 kg full pallet to Köln and anything you wish. Our economy cargo average transport prices to Germany form the UK, Germany, Wales, Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania or Spain are extremely bargain-basement. Our 24/7 German international freight delivery firms offer skilled, responsible and every minute freight transport solutions to Dortmund from Leeds, systematic refrigerated products delivery to Munich from Liverpool, flexible industrial machinery transport by road to Bielefeld from Salisbury, proficient 1/2 of a shipping container road transport to Berlin from Peterborough and more. 

There is a selection of favours why you might want to be looking at our long distance UK to Germany freight transportation hauliers:

  • Any minute, top, slick, express pallet removals to Duisburg, Stuttgart, Mannheim, Düsseldorf, Dresden and other
  • Broad selection of awkward cargo forwarding trucks - COMBO TYPE, 17/18 TONNE GVW BOX, Renault Trafic, Mini furniture Jumbo, 27 ton Tail lift Curtainsiders, ‘Air Ride’ suspension and more
  • Urgent cargo export to Germany and back to the UK also counting Northern Ireland, Scotland and England
  • Same day refrigerated food and meat and poultry products haulage from Germany to Britain, Czech Republic, Romania, Ireland, France, Malta and to all Turkey
  • All-Encompassing intercontinental chain of cheap UK and German freight removals firms that are professional enough to move every type of super colossal and walloping industrial equipment containers: 20ft container, flexible intermediate bulk container, dry bulk container, a half of a shipping container, half height container and further
  • Cheap grouped, partly loaded, mutual or combined van for pallet shipping Sunderland to Essen, Dundee to Nürnberg, Canterbury to Frankfurt, Lincoln to Hamburg, Edinburgh to Leipzig and everywhere you demand
  • Next day bank holiday cargo pick-up with determined, fast or standardized delivery, sending freight to Belgium from Germany
  • Pay nothing Great Britain to Germany freight haulage costs comparison via our comparison service or online form
  • Economy 1,200 mm × 1,000 mm pallet collect and transport to Wuppertal from Stirling, short notice 31.50 in × 47.24 in pallet removals to Bremen from Belfast, emergency Euro3 pallet transport to Hannover from Stoke-on-Trent, last minute EUR-2 pallet transport by road to Bochum from Bristol, urgent goods on pallet transport by land to Bonn from Exeter and similar
  • Short notice oversize pallet delivery to Köln from Paris, late evening frozen products pick-up and delivery from Dortmund to Zaragoza, late night domestic equipment transportation from München to Budapest, Sunday bike and moped freight forwarding from Bielefeld to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, early morning doors down container haulage from Berlin to Gothenburg, late afternoon manufacturing machinery removal from Duisburg to Wuppertal and different. We also offer freight to Portugal haulage from Germany.

Compare pallet to Germany shipping rates

Next day pallet delivery to GermanyShould you be keen to consider and compare next day merchandise, refrigerated meat or any other bulky goods on pallets moving prices to Germany from the Great Britain, Estonia, Wales, Slovenia, Ireland, Latvia, Italy, The Netherlands, Greece and from all EU countries you can accomplish it lightly and uncomplicatedly here via our comparison site. Our discount, same day German cargo shipping companies valuate correctly and carefully how much is to forward fresh food Stuttgart to St Albans, to move bedroom furniture from Winchester to Mannheim, how much it is to haul 80 cm × 120 cm pallet from Düsseldorf to Cambridge, to send 20ft auto container to Dresden from Portsmouth, how much it costs to transport production equipment from Armagh to Essen and everything you intend. One of our estimators will foretell economy UK to Germany freight transport costs in up to a few seconds. Phone us now for any early afternoon, Saturday or 24/7 Germany to the UK approximate pallet delivery rates for all merit of retail and private items: vans, one complete side container, meat products, EUR-3 pallet, house contents, electronic equipment, personal chattels, wardrobe boxes for moving, sofas, tilting top meeting room tables and more. Our most best and well-liked routes contain: low-budget long distance machinery moving Nürnberg to London, affordable express cars shipping Frankfurt to Chester, cheapest cheap cargo collect and transport Hamburg to York, inexpensive short notice goods on pallets removals Leipzig to Norwich, economy emergency fresh food transport Wuppertal to Manchester and etc..

A bit appended assets and fruits to tolerate or trust our Germany to UK cargo transport by road movers:

  • Any day, cut-rate, last minute, bank holiday freight pick-up and road transport Bremen to Inverness, Hannover to Westminster, Bochum to Birmingham, Bonn to Derby ...
  • Large moving boxes, personal items, a motorcycle, range cooker, adult bicycle, flooring, baggage, settee and other extra house and apartment gear relocation Köln to Aarhus, Dortmund to Lublin, Munich to Duisburg, Bielefeld to Nice, Berlin to Varna and many more
  • We also offer pallet delivery to Holland from Germany.
  • Free ride prompt pallet to Germany transportation prices calculation, tender
  • 24/7 cheap man in a van hire Germany to UK for every four or five bedroom crib or home moving or 1 carton, crate or package removals
  • Low budged, late evening or late night, urgent German cargo removals firm for any type of immense, excessive, bulky cargo and equipment: moving containers to Duisburg, 100 cm × 120 cm pallet forwarding Stuttgart, heavy machinery export Mannheim to Newcastle upon Tyne, lorry haulage Düsseldorf to Cardiff and anything you desire.
  • Our sales executive is big enough to compare average freight to Germany shipping costs and will send you an email how much is to haul your effects and will send you a message with our offering within scarcely any moments
  • Next day pallet delivery to Austria from Germany

Doing Business in Germany, Guide for Trade and Export

With a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of over 3 trillion EUR, the economy of Germany is the fourth largest in the world and the largest in Europe. Its economic performance has been consistent and this provides long-term growth potential for UK businesses. The country is the largest export market of the United Kingdom in Europe and second to the US across the globe. The total value of German imports from the UK market is 4.4%.

How UK businesses benefit by exporting to Germany

  • A short flight time of an hour
  • Easy communication with English being widely accepted business language
  • Easy access to Eastern Europe
  • Resilient economy with a large domestic consumer market as result of large population of 81.5 million.

The strong sides of the Germany market are:

  • The industrial base of Germany is very strong.
  • 65% of the global international trade fairs are hosted by Germany.

Challenges of doing business in Germany

You have a good chance of becoming successful with your business in Germany if you are successful with it in the UK. However, there is intense competition in the German market. To be successful in Germany, British companies require persistence and patience.

A good number of German companies prefer buying locally. To get them to buy from them, UK companies must provide them with unique products and services or something better and more affordable than what they get locally if they really want to remain outstanding in the market.

Economic growth

Germany overcame the global economic crisis before any other country in Europe. This is as a result of the following reasons:

  • strengthened domestic demand
  • strong exports
  • structural adjustments undertaken by the local companies

The economy of the country is expected to witness a growth of 1.5% in the next 2 years. It is predicated to have a 1.5% growth on yearly basis in the next 20 to 50 years. Owing to the aging and decreasing workforce, the country faces a number of long-term structural challenges.

There is a consistent decline in the overall unemployment rate of the country since 2005. As of December 2015, it has an employment rate of 4.5% which is the lowest it has got for the past twenty years.

The Germany economy is built around small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) which constitute 99% of all the companies in the country with a lot of them being family owned businesses which are handed over from one generation to another.

There are a lot of the so-called hidden champions in Germany that have dominated special sectors of the global market. These are mainly larger medium sized companies.

UK and Berman Trade agreements

British made goods being exported to Germany are not charged import duties because Germany is a member of the European Union (EU) and the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

If you have any issue concerning the Single Market's operation, don't hesitate to contact us.

UK and Germany Trade

The largest trading partner of the UK in Europe is Germany. The value of UK export to Germany in 2014 was £43.3 billion which showed a 23% increase since 2009.

The UK major exports to Germany are:

  • mineral fuels and gas
  • aircraft
  • vehicles and automotive components
  • machinery and mechanical appliances
  • pharmaceutical products
  • electrical machinery and equipment

Over 1,300 UK companies are established in Germany and these businesses together employ more than 220,000 people in the country. Almost one of ten foreign companies in Germany is a UK owned company. Currently, British Foreign Direct Investment in Germany is valued at £23.8 billion.

Next day delivery Freight shipping to Germany

As far as road freight to Germany is concerned, we are the right company to handle it for you. We provide reliable, efficient and safe daily transport services to Europe. We cover the entire 'Deutschland' in our shipping services thanks to our rapport with our local partners. We have the experience and expertise to provide pallet delivery services and different types of haulage services from the UK to Germany. So, do not hesitate to contact us for all your shipping needs to Germany.

We only provide transportation and shipping service for business and commercial cargo. However, if you want to move house or ship your personal effect to Germany, there is no cause for alarm. You can make use of the services of our partners. They are highly reliable and we have no doubt at all in their ability to provide you with reliable shipping services.

Cargo transport to GermanyOur advisors are proficient and are highly knowledgeable. They arrange affordable, timely, and quickly freight delivery services to Germany every week and they do not fail. We provide full and part loads and economy and express delivery services. This implies that we are capable of providing guaranteed solution to any transport requirements that you may have. We have different types of vehicles be it 13.6 meter jumbo mega trailer required for full load or escort vans. We are able to provide or source for a vehicle as quickly as possible for the shipment of your consignment or freight to Germany at an affordable price.

No matter the type of consignment you are shipping be it machinery or standard Euro/UK export pallet to any part of the country be it Munich or Pforzheim, we will meet your requirements. We are able to carry pallets and cargo to Germany from the UK and from Germany back to the UK leveraging on our wide range of network of local German freight depots. To accommodate our clients that have small goods to ship, we offer low cost small groupage shipments which are very effective, safe and secure from the UK to Deutschland and vice versa. You can also check our cargo to Sweden haulage from Germany solutions.

In order to help you and your customers cut cost on the shipment of your consignment, we utilize European transport vehicle for collection of pallets that are up to five or move. We deliver the consignment directly to your customers. In this way, we help you to save time as well as money. Besides run-of-the-mill wooden pallets, we are capable of handling different kinds of pallets and cargo such as printer pallets, plastic pallets, cages, skids, crates, cartons, stillages. We deliver stackable pallets of 120x100 or 120x80 centimetre base pallets at discounted prices because they maximise our freight capacity. However, regardless of this, we provide the most affordable pallet delivery services for all palletized loads.

Being the world's 5th largest economy, Germany has diverse road freight imports and exports. The road freight imports and exports to and from Germany comprise machinery, metals, commercial vehicles, machinery, textiles and foodstuffs. The country has established trade rapport with virtually all the global trading countries in order to drive its economy. Given this, it is very easy to access Germany. Besides, many of our customers know Germany very well as they ship all different kinds of cargo to Germany through the 12,845km of autobahn A1 via A99.

We are a family run and independent freight forwarder that provides freight shipping services to Germany and other places far away from Germany. We have a team of experts that are capable of satisfying your logistics and transport as well as shipping requirements. No matter the city where your consignments are to be delivered be it Berlin, the capital city of Germany or any other cities in the country such as Aachen, Munich, Hamburg, Essen, Frankfurt, Köln or Düsseldorf, we will meet your requirements and safely deliver your items in the right location. Other locations in the German land where we provide services include Augsburg, Bremen, Bochum, Bonn, Cologne, Chemnitz,  Dresden, Hagen, Dortmund, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Halle, Gelsenkirchen, Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Hanover, Leipzig, Kiel, Magdeburg, Lubeck, Monchengladbach, Mannheim, Munster, Monchengladbach, Wuppertal, Munster, Stuttgart, Oberhausen and Wiesbaden.

Next day pallet delivery to Germany

Our local partner deports are located in all the 16 states in the country which include Thuringia, Schleswig-Holstein, Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Hesse, Hamburg, Bremen, Brandenburg, Berlin, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. We have no doubt that we will meet your next day pallet delivery to Germany requirements for any types of haulage and freight delivery from the UK to Germany and Germany to UK. We are capable of delivering all freight to Germany thanks to the various types of vehicles that we have acquired ranging from express freight vans, 7.5 tonner, tall-lift trucks and complete trailer loads.

There is no doubt that you will want your consignment to be delivered to Germany at the best possible cost be it groupage, full loads, difficult haulage, unusual or awkwardly shaped pallet, door-to-door express vans from any part of Europe including the UK to Germany and from Germany to any part of Europe including the UK. Call our number for a discussion on your need.

Our top priority is the safe completion of the next day pallet delivery to the UK from Germany. So, why do you have to waste time searching elsewhere for reliable service rather than using our premier freight forwarding services to and from Deutschland.

Dedicated delivery by van for urgent next day express freight to Germany

We offer next day delivery to Germany for people that have consignments that requires urgent express delivery or that is highly time sensitive. We provide this service using different kinds of vehicles depending on the one that will suit the requirements of our client. The cars we use include sprinter van, tail lift trucks, Luton vans, full trailer loads and 7.5 tonner for urgent deliveries throughout Europe and the entire Germany.

Germany to UK pallet deliveryWe also provide flagship same day or next day pallet delivery dedicated courier vans despite providing affordable courier services for freight delivery from the UK to Germany and vice versa. Our dedicated courier vans move from the UK to Germany or from the collection point to the delivery point without stopping. Thus, they are the most suitable for the shipment of time sensitive, valuable, fragile or secure cargo to Germany from the UK or from Germany to the UK. Our next day delivery services or 24 hour delivery services are available in most parts of both countries. However, they are not available in locations in both countries that are very remote. In these remote locations, we provide 48 hours or 2 days delivery services. There is no need for you to make use of the expensive airfreight when you can achieve the same result with our dedicated road freight transport to Germany at a lower rate.

You will benefit a lot from our express road freight services to Germany. Our express services include 24hour or next day delivery services, 2 days/48 hours delivery services and 3 days/72 hours delivery services for our shared load, part load or groupage services to Germany. This means that even with our highly affordable shared load services, your consignment will still be delivered on time to Germany. We provide not just low cost delivery services to Germany but also speedy freight forwarding services to the country. Here you can check freight to Slovenia transport from Germany.

So, why do you still have to delay further or keep wasting time as you search for reliable services? Contact next day delivery German freight forwarders today for detailed information on our wide range of shipping solutions from the UK to Germany or Germany to the UK.

Where is Germany located?

Germany is located in the Central Europe. The country has boundary with the North Sea as well as the Baltic Sea. Germany is situated to the west of Poland and the Czech Republic, south of Denmark, north-east of France, north of Switzerland, north-west of Austria and east of Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium.

If you are an exporter and you are seeking for information about trading in the country, you should check with the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany.

  • Pallet delivery- instant online quotes
  • Cheap UK pallet services

The role of pallet delivery in the distribution of goods not just in the entire UK but in the entire Europe is a crucial one. It is imperative for retail and manufacturing businesses especially those that function on a 'just in time' principle to use cost effective and reliable pallet delivery services in order to succeed with their products and services.

Pallet delivery was restricted to business-to-business service traditionally speaking but today there is increase in the demand for affordable pallet delivery by companies that provide goods and services to the consumer sector of the society. Goods purchased via eBay and other online businesses providing consumer goods are too many that it can be shipped as parcels. In the light of the above, this guide is prepared to help people or businesses using the pallet delivery services for the first time to get a better understanding of the wealth solutions it has and major factors to consider when delivering their goods with pallet delivery services. Here you can find out more about next day delivery to Switzerland from Germany.

Choosing between pallet courier and a dedicated service when making arrangement for the shipment of your consignment

You will have two effective and major options of delivery services to choose from. You can either use dedicated pallet distribution service or the services of a network of independent overnight pallet couriers. There are a number of factors to consider when deciding which option to choose. Some of the factors to consider include the urgency of the delivery, the number of pallets that you have to ship, the urgency of delivery and the collection and delivery points.

Dedicated pallet distribution companies Germany

A dedicate pallet distribution company provides both the collection and delivery of pallets. The next day pallet delivery to Germany freight forwarders will come with their vehicle to the stipulated collection point which may be your house, warehouse or distribution depot to carry the palletized good with their vehicle and then transport them to the delivery point without getting any other third party distributor involved in the service. This method of delivery pallet reduces the risk of damage because the consignment is handled once. It is most suitable for European pallet delivery where it can be very problematic to deal with potential breakages and returns. It is also more affordable means of shipping full loads owing to the economies of scale that can be delivered by the logistics company. German Pallet courier network is a more affordable means of transporting single pallet or part loads depending on the sizes of the pallet.

Utilising the services of a network of independent UK and German pallet delivery companies

Container shipping to GermanyAs implicit from the name, a pallet network refers to a team of independent pallet delivery companies that pull their resources together through the internet in order to provide delivery services within a country or in some cases within Europe just in the manner of parcel operators. Each of the company is capable of satisfying the needs of their individual customer by providing them with a wide range of different delivery options thanks to the resources they pulled together. They provide customers with amazing flexibility which dedicate removal van service does not have regardless of the type of services required by the customers be it next day service, tail lift truck, a driver, economy service or forklift truck for loading of consignment. However, on the negative aspect, pallets delivered to Germany via a network collection service is handled a number of times during transportation period and this increases the potential risk of damage. It is therefore of crucial importance that you mind the way in which your consignments are palletized. You should also purchase adequate insurance for them in case they are damaged in the course of shipment by German pallet courier. We also offer pallet delivery to Slovakia from Germany.

How we can reduce the cost of your pallet shipment

We can help you to cut cost and save time on your pallet delivery once you have decided on the type of services you want thanks to our innovative online pallet price calculator. You will receive instant quotes for any of our services that you opt for such as economy (2-3 dies), timed delivery, next day freight to Germany delivery and Saturday delivery once you complete our quick quote form.

We are in a better position to reduce your pallet delivery cost by offering the cheapest delivery options you can ever get owing to the fact that we work in collaboration with more than 200 independent pallet shipping companies.

Online booking of pallet collection and delivery

If you book your collection online, you will be able to save time and besides, you will not pass through stress. However, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration when you book for your collection through the internet so that you will avoid disappointment as well as unwanted delays in the delivery of your consignment. In the first instance, you should make sure that your goods are packaged correctly and that shrink wrap and polypropylene strapping is used to secure your consignment to the load. The express cargo to Germany transport companies are not obliged to collect your pallet if it is not properly packaged. If they refuse to collect your pallet because of the reason given above, it will count as failed collection attempt which normally attracts a surcharge.

The second point to take into consideration is to make sure that the vehicle has enough access for the loading of the consignment during collection and offloading of the consignment during delivery. A 7.5 tonne lorry is the smallest vehicle that is normally utilised for delivery. It has similar size with the lorry used for dustbin. If the road to the collection or delivery is narrow, it is important that you let the pallet collection company know so that they will verify that on time and provide a vehicle that will not have any access problem.

The point that you should not forget is the loading and offloading of the pallet from the truck. You should make arrangement for these. If the pallet is heavy and requires a forklift for loading or offloading, you should let the company know so that they will provide you with a vehicle that has a tail lift or forklift truck. There is tail lift option in our online booking page; you can choose the option when booking for collection and with that option you don't have to make any other arrangement. The cheap German freight forwarder will provide you with a vehicle that features tail lift. With this feature, it will be easier for the driver to lift and load your item into the vehicle. However, to be able to utilise this option, the loading ground should not have any gravel because a pump truck or pallet truck will be utilised by the driver to bring the pallet from where they are kept to the tail lift for loading unto the vehicle. We also do next day pallet delivery to France from Germany.

Other options for delivery to choose when shipping your pallets

Just as with our instant pallet quotes via the internet, you will also be able to post your shipping requirement on our freight transportation marketplace so that registered German pallet shipping companies will bid on it tailoring their bid to meet your shipment requirements. This is the most suitable option for delivery that is not time-sensitive or urgent. It works in a simple way; your requirements will be seen by the transport companies that are registered for them to place their bid on the job. The process reverses the auction process because the entire registered company placing bid on the project will be able to see the bid amount of all the other German freight forwarders and this will make the company to give you the most competitive rate. You are not charged a dime for submitting your requirements no matter what they are. The quotes are given free of charge and you are not obliged to accept any particular one. It is therefore more beneficial for you to take time and compare quotes rather than spend your time and money for nothing when organizing your pallet delivery.

Germany export, import & trade

Germany's international trade accounts for more than half of the international trade of the entire European Union. The country has the third largest import and export in the world. It has been a member of the World Trade Organisation since January 1 1995. Germany is also a member of the EU which until 30th November 2009 was officially known as the European Communities in the WTO. However, the country also exists as an individual nation.

Industrially produced goods and services constitute much of the exports of the country. German made vehicles as well as chemicals and mechanical engineering products are held in high regard in the international market. In every four Euros in the country, one is earned from export and one out of every 5 employment is provided either directly or indirectly by the foreign trade.

52 percent of the GDP of the country is obtained from exportation of goods and services. The country's trade within Europe has been strengthened significantly by the EU integration with 69% of goods and services exported out of Germany being delivered to the countries in Europe and 58.2% being shipped to countries belonging to the EU.

France which received 9.5% of the total exports of Germany in 2012 has remained its most important trading partner within the European Union. In the same year, the U.S.A. received 7.9% of the total exports of Germany while the UK received 6.6% of the country's total exports.

The majority of the goods brought into the country are imported from the Netherlands. 9.5% of the total German imports valued at 86.6 billion Euros are made from the Netherlands. The second highest German imports are made from China and France.

A Glance at the 2012 import and export indicators and statistics of Germany

  • Export total value: $1.492 trillion
  • Primary exports: commodities – machinery, motor vehicles, chemicals, computer and electronic products, pharmaceuticals, electrical equipment, textiles, metals, transport equipment, rubber, foodstuffs and plastic products
    Primary export partners: Russia (3.3 percent), Switzerland (4.5 percent), China (6.1 percent), US (7.0 percent) and European Union (58.2 percent)
  • Import total value: $1.276 trillion
  • Primary imports: commodities: machinery, vehicles, data processing equipment, chemicals, electric equipment, oil and gas, metals, foodstuffs, agricultural products and foodstuffs
  • Primary import partners: Russia (3.3%), Switzerland (4.2%), US (5.5%), China (8.9%) and European Union (54.8%)

Sending cargo to Germany

If you want to ship your personal belongings and send excess baggage to Germany, we are there to help you. You should talk to us about your need and we will help you out because we handle different kinds of jobs be it commercial shipment, excess baggage delivery, delivery of extra holiday, house and office moving and many more. Our services are very efficient, safe and highly affordable. We are highly experienced in the industry because we have been providing our clients with removal, shipping and moving services for many years.

    Machinery transport to Germany
  • So, how are we different from others? Besides having a unique uniform, here are other ways in which we have differentiated ourselves from others.
  • We deliver the majority of our consignment by sea even though we also provide delivery services by air. This helps to reduce the cost.
  • If you have excess baggage to deliver, we are the right shipping company to deliver that for you because with us, you will not pay the fees that the airlines will charge you if you are to send it through them.
  • Our commercial arm handles shipment of commercials or other business commodities throughout the world. Thus, your business can ship goods to any part of the world.
  • We handle almost all projects by ourselves and have all your items without bringing in any external agents.
  • Our depots are located in Germany to provide collection, delivery and storage services.
  • We provide our services to all the major cities including Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

We provide a nationwide service. We are there to relieve you of the stress involved in shipping and moving. Are you relocating with your family to Berlin? Do you want to send your relative in Hamburg a gift package? Do you need help with your luggage for a trip to Frankfurt? No matter your need, let us know and we will help you out.

You don't have to hire the services of a shipping company if you have not hired one before because we are able to transport your item from the UK to Germany or from Germany to the UK. If you hand us over all your personal effects such as surfboard, pair of skis or a bicycle and household goods to ship for you, they are safe and will be delivered safely to you. This means that boarding a plane will be very simple for you as you will only have to go with your carry-on having a rest of mind that your items are safe and will be delivered safely to the stipulated address. Please also check our cargo delivery to Finland from Germany.

Put differently, imagine how good it is for you to sit back and wait for our driver who will arrive at your address on time, load all your belongings inside our vehicle and deliver them safely to the stipulated address in Germany without getting any third party involved. Get our quotes free of charge for the shipping of your consignment to Germany and you will wonder at how simple and straightforward shipping abroad can be with us.

Here are the advantages that you will get if you use our household goods on pallets moving services to Germany when it is time for you to move house:

  • Worldwide network controlled and owned by us: We have our branches in all parts of the world. Unlike most other moving and shipping companies, we do not partner with any business nor have agents, franchisees, affiliates or any other partner. If you hire our services, it means that you will be dealing with the same group from beginning to the end, door-to-door. There is no third party in between.
  • No new, unexpected or hidden charges: Our quotes are detailed itemizing all that are charged in both the collection point and delivery point.
  • Free storage: We appreciate our clients by offering them free storage which can be up to 4 weeks depending on the number of our services they hire. The free storage starts from the time we collect the items. With the free storage, you will make arrangements for the shipping of your item. Besides the initial 4 weeks of free storage given at the collection location, we also give 4 more weeks of free storage at the delivery location to allow you more time to get your place ready before packing in your items.
  • A three-part payment: We are considerate and do not require a one full payment before collection. Rather, collect the payment in three instalments so that you will not feel the burden of the money you paid.
  • Packing at your pace: We leave it at your discretion to determine when you will like to start packing and how much of your item that you will like to pack. You can take several days to pack your items or do it all just in one day.
  • We also work with pallet couriers to Denmark from Germany
  • Total security and protection: Once your items are packed in our vehicle and they vehicle is closed and sealed, it will no longer be open until it gets to the final address where it will be opened for the items to be delivered.
  • If you need more information, kindly call us now. We are always available to make sure that you have smooth shipping and move to Germany. Call us for a quote or get a free online now.

Cargo shipping services to Germany:

  • We offer low cost, speedy freight shipping and pallet delivery to and from Germany.
  • Helpline for German freight available on 24/7 basis
  • Different shipping options including economy, express and urgent
  • Daily collections and deliveries
  • No hidden charges, just one simple rate

Germany to the UK pallet delivery

We have been providing urgent freight shipping services for over 40 years now. We will assist you with your importation or exportation of cargo to and from Germany on daily basis. We offer a complete solution for freight shipping to and from Germany ranging from economy to express. With these options you will be able to ship anything be it one box or a full trailer load. We have worked hard to establish a well-developed freight shipping service to and from Germany. Our German freight shipping service has no match and it will remain unbeaten in terms of cost. We cover the entire Germany in our freight shipping, from Berlin to Munich which is located in the North and South respectively. We provide part trailer loads, full trailer loads as well as pallet delivery and dedicated express van services. We provide a professional, efficient, effective and fast shipping services leveraging on the stunning German autobahn system of motorways which runs throughout Germany. Our groupage service is the most suitable option for you for freight that is not time sensitive. Our economy and express services will also meet your shipping needs to Germany. We collect and deliver items on daily basis to Germany. Fast shipping is not a problem in Germany thanks to its advanced road system. You may also like our pallet to Italy couriers solutions.

Germany occupies a central position for the doing of business in Europe as it is bordered by important countries like the Netherlands and France. A huge quantity of freight is transported through the German roads on daily basis throughout the year. We are able to get virtually all sizes of trucks and vans for shipment in Germany and thus we are able to ship any size of pallet or consignment including oversized loads. You can really rely on services for the shipment of your items to and from Germany because we are members of reliable organizations and associations in the industries. We pride on excellent records which speak eloquently for us wherever we go.

We're able to provide affordable shipping services to Germany which will suit small British business owners thanks to the huge quantity of different types of consignments that we ship on regular basis to and from Germany. Shipping from the UK to Germany constitutes a large portion of everyday task and we provide the best shipping solutions from the UK to Germany and Germany to the UK. We are able to offer the very best shipping services to and from UK that will meet the needs of your company.

Freight shipping services to Germany

Economy Freight (5-6 days) transit time

We provide a weekly economy freight shipping to and from Germany. It is basically a shared load or groupage services. We will put your goods with similar goods from other clients together in the same truck or container as the case may be and ship them together with the same method. We don't compromise on safe handling of consignment and reliability even though this service is highly economical.

Express freight to Germany next day delivery

If you need your goods to be quickly delivered, our express freight shipping services to Germany which are very popular solutions is the most suitable option for you. We are able to collect and ship goods on daily basis across Europe at a competitive rate. We provide weekend freight options, timed and door-to-door shipping service plus providing you with specialist or tail lift van to make loading very easy in case you don't have a forklift.


Germany is second to the United States of America as a popular migration destination and it is also the most populous country in the European Union. Germany occupies a central location in Europe and this makes it an EU stronghold. Shipping to Germany is quick, less expensive and accessible thanks to its road network which is extremely dense just as it is the case with the road network of its neighbours. Autobahn which refers to the road network in Germany officially known in German as Bundesautobahn (translated as the federal motorway) is popular for not limiting light vehicles to any speed. However, trucks have a speed limit of 80 km/h. There are about 650,00 km of roads in Germany with 12,845 of these roads constituting the autobahn. German road network is probably the most advanced in the continent. We leverage on this stunning road network in our German daily collection service making it possible for us to provide collection services throughout the country.

We have been able to established depots and transport hubs that are strategically located and this makes it possible for us to provide our services throughout Germany. So, you will have easy shipping services to Germany. We have succeeded in providing impressive European transport services to the remote part of Germany with hubs in cities like Berlin, the country's capital city, Frankfurt and Munich.

Germany is located in western and central Europe. It is bordered to the north by Poland and Denmark, to the east by Czech Republic, to the Northwest by the Netherlands and Belgium, to the south by Austria and Switzerland, to the southwest by France and Luxembourg. There are a number of large cities in Germany makes it possible for consignment to be easily shipped to the largest cities in the country which include Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Bremen, Essen, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart.

Shipping to Germany

Tourists, holidaymakers, businesses and people from different part of the world visit Germany on yearly basis. Expats with skills in different field of human endeavours move to Germany in search of employment. If you are among the people who are interested in relocating to Germany or shipping freight or consignment to Germany, you need to get your paperwork ready. Some of the documents you will require are:

  • Detailed inventory
  • Rental contract for your resident in German
  • Copy of shipper's passport
  • Employment contract
  • Employment letter
  • A letter from a third party such as an employer stating that you have lived and worked abroad for over a year
  • Paperwork for customs

Duty free cargo shipping to Germany

Duties are not taxed on some types of cargo. Contact our exports for detailed information on the shipping regulations in Germany. Household goods and personal effects are not charged duties insofar as they are brought into Germany a year after the owner has moved to Germany. These items are referred to as removal goods which are goods that are owned and utilised at the previous residence before relocation to Germany. Other requirements to qualify for duty free shipping which you are required to know are:

  • You are required to be a citizen of a foreign country or to have lived for more than a year in a foreign country.
  • You should have owned and used the items for at least 6 months in the foreign country before shipping them to Germany.
  • You must possess the goods for at least a year after moving to Germany.

You are also allowed to bring food into Germany insofar as the quantity you brought in falls within the limit of normal household quantity. You will be able to ship meat and sausage without paying any duty on them insofar as they are meant for personal use and the quantity brought in are considered normal. We also offer freight to Norway transport from Germany.

Duty on cargo shipping to Germany

There are some items that are charged duties when are they are imported into Germany. For example, duties are charged on alcohol including spirits and wine imported into Germany. Other goods that are charged duties when they are imported into Germany are:

  • Equipment for people who are self-employed
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Tobacco products
  • Commercial goods
  • Stocks of raw materials, or finished or half finished products
  • Here you can see info on overnight pallet delivery to Ireland from Germany

Items restricted from being shipped into Germany. Below are some of the restricted items for importation into Germany.

  • Narcotics
  • Methyl alcohol
  • Radioactive items
  • Materials that is obscene or indecent
  • Written works forbidden by constitution of the country

Shipping a car into Germany

If you have a plan of relocating to Germany or living in the country for a long time period, you may need to import your car into Germany. There is some paperwork that you need to complete if you wish to ship your car to Germany.

You should ensure that you have a copy of your vehicle title which indicates that the car currently belongs to you. You are also required to have owned and utilised the vehicle for at least half year before importing it into Germany. The German vehicle registration office will perform technical inspection on your car after it has been cleared from customs.

Get a free quote for the shipment of your cargo to Germany or call our number for discussion on your cargo shipment.