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There is no need to be panicking when you have to deliver cargo at a very short notice to one of your customers. Our express freight and pallet delivery to Norway transport company can handle last minute haulage of different type of goods. We can collect and deliver household items, chilled, fresh and refrigerated food, retail products, goods on pallets and even heavy machinery.

Our cheap freight to Norway from the UK services can be tailored to your product and time scale. We can do express cargo transport as well as economy delivery.

If you are looking for cheap UK to Norway freight forwarders we can assure you are in a right place. Please contact us with your international haulage requirements and we will provide you with a quote based on our best shipping rates. We cover all UK and Norway and some of our routes and services are: cheap road transport London to Oslo, express pallet delivery Birmingham to Bergen, cargo courier from Leeds to Stavanger/Sandnes, heavy machinery transport from Glasgow to Trondheim, heavy haulage Sheffield to Drammen, fresh food delivery from Bradford to Fredrikstad/Sarpsborg, refrigerated transport from Liverpool to Porsgrunn/Skien, container shipping from Edinburgh to Kristiansand, last minute delivery Manchester to Ålesund or cheap freight Tønsberg from Bristol.

Compare express freight to Norway from Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. You can have pallets delivered from London to Oslo or Bergan within 36 hours. Compare cheap road haulage companies UK to Norway within minutes. Find out average freight to Norway costs and choose the delivery time that suits your needs. Hire cheap man and van for small house moves or large tautliner, low suspension or flat bed lorry for heavy goods and bulky cargo transport.

Doing Business with Norway - Guide to Norway Trade and Export

Norway is one of the countries within the Baltic and Nordic regions, and it stands in the fourth position when you consider European countries in land mass.

For people who are interested in exporting to Norway from the UK, they should seek for proper advice from the UKTI.
People in need of information on how to finance their trade and the best way to obtain and run insurance for UK firms in Norway should also contact the UK Export Finance (UKEF) for more information

Now, Norway as a nation has a sophisticated and advanced market which has been in a very age long business relationship with the UK. The society here is highly educated and deeply advanced in terms of technology, and therefore, they are always in search of products and services of the highest quality.

Norway sits in the ninth position of the easiest nations to do business with in the entire world in 2015 according to World Bank.

UK businesses that export to Norway will benefit from things like;

  • A very open market
  • Express delivery to Norway
  • A stable economy
  • Very high standard of living
  • The wild use of English language for business transactions
  • Acceptance of UK products is high here

The Norway market has these strengths;

  • Corruption is on the lowest level
  • The business culture is very efficient
  • Availability of vast natural resources

Freight forwarding Challenges

Norway has not joined the European Union, though it is one of the members of the European Economic Area. Though it is not an EU member country, it tries to acknowledge and adhere to the EU trading practices and code.
There are some challenges any UK business exporting and forwarding freight to Norway may face in terms of custom restrictions when importing. For you to gain more information about these, the overseas business report on this country will do you a lot of good. Customs controls prolongs the time of express haulage to Norway from the UK and make it more expensive.

Economic growth of Norway

Though Norway is among the largest European nations in terms of land mass, it is populated by only 5 million people. When it comes to fortunes, it is among the wealthiest nations per capita in the whole world. Through the entire period of the economic crisis, it weathered the storm comfortably and maintained its stability. However, the crisis pushed it to grow on a slower pace. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the country’s economic growth in 2015 will be about 1.15%, which will reduce to 1.05% in 2016. UK freight forwarders sending cargo to Norway recorded 10% drop in transport orders to this country.

Norway has a very low unemployment rate of 4.6% as at September 2015. The economy of Norway has its major transactions in the oil and gas offshore sector.  This sector crates more than 25% of the values in the nation.  This country’s exports are also cantered on this sector, to the extent that 65% of its total export comes from electricity, natural gas and crude oil. There are a lot of Norwegian firms that us our services to transport cargo from Norway to the UK. The economic estimate has it that this country is so wealthy in oil to the extent that it has about 100 years of availability for gas and 50 years oil availability.

The country has prioritized economic development in these sectors;

  • Equipment for hydro-power
  • Telecommunications
  • Metal and timber products delivery
  • Seafood transport
  • Oil and gas

Trade Agreements between the UK and Norway

There are many trade agreements in place that facilitate express freight delivery between the UK and Norway. Hinging on its membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), this country tries to negotiate workable trade agreements with other member nations. You can get more information about the nations free trade agreements from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries. The biggest agreement it has ever entered into is that of the EEA, and this is what regulates its business dealings with other EU countries. Thank to this agreements we can also offer transport from Norway to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, pallet delivery from Norway to France, last minute cargo shipping to Belgium, refrigerated transport from Norway to Germany, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Holland, Portugal freight forwarder and all Europe. This country took many people by surprise. It is not an EU member country, but it has joined the Schengen agreement. Norway stands as the 23rd largest export market for the UK as it received up to £3.8 billion worth of UK goods in 2014.

The goods exported and transported by our cheap UK to Norway freight forwarder include;
  • Vegetable and animal bi-products delivery
  • Petroleum products transport
  • Pharmaceutical and medicine haulage
  • Chemicals shipping
  • Electrical and industrial machinery moving
  • Next day pallet delivery courier to Poland from Norway

Opportunities for UK businesses in Norway

You can get quality international export leads from the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). For notices of high value public procurements, you need to contact the Tenders Electronic Daily (TED). They give information about procurements within a certain range from the EEA and EU nations. Equally, all public sector tenders are published in the country’s website every day. These however are tenders that crossed the EU set threshold. You can also use My Tenders. It is a new tender portal in Norway. For any palletized goods delivery to Norway from the UK you can contact cheap international transport by road companies like us. As an express UK to Norway freight forwarder we can take jobs at a very short notice. We offer urgent delivery to Norway from the UK services. All last minutes jobs can be passed on to us 24/7. Our express pallet delivery to Norway services are one of the cheapest you can find.

Quality consumer goods

This is a country with lots of sophisticated buyers who are actually looking for the best quality, innovation and design in goods and services. When they see the quality, they have no problems paying higher prices for them and usually book express freight to Norway from London, Wigan, Stockport, Cardiff, Bristol, Belfast, Dublin and more. UK companies in Norway have lots of opportunities in these areas;

  • Express pallet delivery to Norway couriersInteriors
  • Gift-ware
  • Food and drink
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Clothing

Good roads for quick road haulage

The country has a plan to build up an infrastructure fund of about £10 billion within 5 years. The government has the intention of reorganizing and reforming the country’s railway system. It also wants to embark on the construction of roads to speed up fresh food and fish delivery from Norway to the UK. With these projects, transportation and construction projects will be thrown open and Public Private Partnerships (PPP) is the best option for these projects.
In this case, UK companies can actually get involved in; Engineering services, Project planning

Express freight To Norway from the UK

Quick and cheap cargo Transportation to Norway is our job. This is what we do and we do it well. So, people in business, people seeking for fun and vacation and expatriates coming from the UK to Norway should look to no other freight forwarding company to help them send their urgent freight to Norway.  We are here and we are the best for your freight shipment. The things we will guarantee you are problem-less and fully secured delivery of your freight to this nation. You will enjoy standard, safe, secure and time sensitive pallet delivery to Norway from the UK, whether you choose the express freight delivery system or the economy groupage services. With our full load and part loads trucks always on the road, delay will never crop up.

Cheap freight forwarder UK to Norway specialize in the shipping of commercial and business cargo to Norway and back. However, people who want to send their excess baggage, personal goods, cars and those in need of house removals can contact us too. We offer full house removals to Norway as well as boxes, excess luggage and single items transport. We also work with Spanish haulage companies to ship pallets to Norway.

We work in a way to offer our customers the needed rest of mind. This is because we have the most qualified and experienced freight forwarders to Norway that will offer comprehensive haulage and logistics to Norway. We work through the land and sea freight systems. You will enjoy our logistics for all types of loads, including the long and tall ones, the heavy and light ones, the big and small ones and those loads that have very awkward shapes. Book urgent pallet delivery to Norway with us and you can sleep at night.

We ship all of them to Norway for you and also bring them back to the UK if you need them. We have the express service system where we use our dedicated vans that are always standing by in our local depots and those of our partners to run to and from Norway and deliver your freight right on time. Those who want to save huge bucks will use our economy groupage service where their goods will be consolidated with similar goods and delivered cheaply for them. We also offer container shipping to Switzerland from Norway.

Road haulage to Norway network

Through our partnership with international pallet delivery networks and many urgent freight to Norway companies, you are free to ship about 5 standard UK and Euro pallets through the groupage system. When it is more than five, then we quote them as full loads and part loads, to insure cheap and fast bulky goods delivery. We ship loads in plastic pallets, wooden pallets and the printer pallets.

As a cheap freight forwarder to Norway from UK we prefer the 120x80 and 120x100 centimetre base pallets. If you come with the stackable specification, we will offer some discounts. But this does not mean that we don’t ship the non-stackable ones. Our last minute cargo transport by road hauliers work with all types of palletized loads. We also do stretch wrapped goods, shrink wrapped goods, skids, stillages, crates, cages, boxes, cartons and all others. Just contact our urgent freight to Norway from London, car transport from Glasgow, frozen food delivery from Coventry, bulky cargo from Nottingham, container shipping, one way urgent freight from Leicester, Sunderland, Belfast, Newcastle upon Tyne, Brighton, Hull, Plymouth, Stoke-on-Trent and Wolverhampton freight forwarders and we will give you more information about our container shipping and road transport to Norway system, cost effective pallet delivery options, and whichever type of haulage, logic or transport you need. The reason why you do not need amateur and cheap freight forwarding to Norway and cargo delivery firms is because the country is not in the EU. This is to say that the right custom paperwork must always be presented. If not, the movement will be delayed. We can help you with the paperwork and all that concerns it or recommend a local customs agent to clear your cargo from customs.

Urgent, last minute and express cargo transport to Norway

Our business solutions are completely cantered on you. This is why we have customized solutions for many situations. The legacy we have built over the years makes our customers to proclaim our express freight forwarding to Norway the best. This is because professional heavy goods haulage company like us leave no stones unturned in serving you. We handle the goods like they are ours. The difficult, unusual and rejected urgent freight to Norway will also be handled by our professionals. Even when you have the goods that are restricted, we will also work out something. We have the shipping logistics and equipment’s for those unusually shaped loads. Our tail lift trucks, forklift vehicles and others will all handle this. Express pallet Delivery to Norway from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales is as fast as ever. Our local partners have their vehicles ready to dispatch these loads once they arrive. They know the terrain and nooks and corner of the towns, villages and cities in Norway well. We also offer express cargo to Belgium from Norway, pallet delivery to France, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and more.

Among our express transport and same day pallet courier to Norway flagship services, we have the 2 day/48 hour service and the next day/24 hour service. While the first is made possible with a one-man driving team that will engage in rest breaks, the other runs nonstop with two man driving team which entails no rest breaks. All run through the express and dedicated courier vans to Norway.

Norway exports massive offshore equipment and installations, construction materials, transport equipment, industrial machines, wood products, shipping and oil and gas. UK Freight Forwarder have been providing freight and haulage services to major firms in Norway and the UK in these sectors. We work through the entire counties of the country including; Troms and Nord-Trondelag, Finnmark, Nordland, Sor-Trondelag, More og Romsdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Rogaland, Vest-Agder, Aust-Agder, Telemark, Hordaland, Vestfold, Baskerud, Oppland, Hedmark, Oslo County, Akershus and Ostfold.

The 664km motorway is very beneficial to all cargo coming through the "Kongeriket Noreg". The E39 road towards the west and the E6 towards the north-south are the most important routes. All the cities and towns in this Land Of The Midnight Sun receive our cheap UK to Norway cargo moving services. We deliver freight from the UK the very amazing City named Bergen which is surrounded by the seven mountains. We also offer heavy goods, fresh food, refrigerated transport from the UK, London, Cardiff, Bradford, York and Leeds to Tromso, Harstad, Narvik, Alesund, Floro, Hammerfest, Geilo, Helle, Trondheim and Oslo, coupled with the labor side district of Bryggen.

The major cargo transports to Norway from UK are fuels, metals, transportation, machinery, industrial supplies, capital goods and others. However, apart from being experienced in sending and delivering express freights in the aforementioned product line, every other business to business import and export will be handled. Last minute road hauliers to Norway have both the express and groupage economic service. We deliver your pallets at cheap rates. Express pallet couriers to Norway run with all types and sizes of vehicles to ensure that your part load and full loads are delivered promptly. We also have the door to door services through our express courier vans. This could be the 24 hour or the 48 hour service.

These are the reasons why we are on top, and whenever we get your freight or cargo, we get into action immediately by speeding to Oslo with the loads and back to the UK when there is the need. Compare pallet delivery costs to Norway from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria and freight to Sweden.

Urgent Pallet courier to Norway

A lot of our UK to Norway haulage companies are domiciled in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, UK and Germany and the EU and this means that we offer total and innovative logistics for cargo and freight from the UK to Norway. The highlights of our urgent delivery services include the part and full load groupage solutions, coupled with the comprehensive and integrated distribution network that will bring your goods to your doorstep even in the remotest areas. We offer services that are unbeaten in the entire Nordic, Baltic and the Scandinavian regions. We also provide next day pallet delivery to Czech Republic from Norway.

We make use of the port of Immingham. From here, our temperature controlled shipping to Norway run two times every week to the east coast area of Brevik, and the west coast areas of Trondheim, Haugesund, Stavanger and Bergen. It does not end here, we move beyond our two times departure every week to offer some level of express pallet couriers solutions when there is the need. It depends on how much you are ready to pay and the level of urgency of your freight.

Cheap road transport firms offer complete partnership for your shipping logistics. This is because we have many solutions that you can choose from, and they are all offered to you in a very reliable and flexible manner. We will compare UK to Norway haulage companies costs if we can not do the job ourselves. We are very responsive and fast in attending to your needs at all times. Apart from this, we also offer removals services, advice and attention to local issues. We have a very long freight forwarding experience, and we are stable and strong in serving you. We offer express one way van hire to Norway for any type of urgent and last minute deliveries. We also work with best German transport companies shipping to Norway.

This makes us the best for you at all times. We are a family business, so our staffs are trained to serve you with high ethical codes and moral standards. Another thing that draws us closer to our customers is that we are very proactive. This means that we adapt to the changing needs of the market. This proactive approach is meant to position us above others and give us an advantageous edge over all other logistic providers.

Our transport solutions are second to none and we always come up with new and innovative ways to offer solutions that are more efficient and friendly to the environment. We offer the groupage and part and full loads services. We work with employers that have many years of experience in this business, and they offer predictable and punctual services. They are closer to you than ever and their solutions will answer all your inquiries. Compare online quotes for sending pallets to Norway from Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Wales.

Norway Import and Export Trade

The country has been in trade relationships with EU countries mostly, and this has remained the case up till now. In 2008, it recorded a GDP per capita of €64,600, and with this; it became the country with the second highest GDP per capita in the entire European Economic Area (EEA). This country became the most valuable import partner of the EU in trade, as they exchanged goods worth €91.85 billion. This is an indication of €48.27 billion surplus in its trade with the EU. With the EEA agreements, the interest of Norway is secured when dealing with other huge markets in Europe. We also offer freight to Slovakia.

Exports and imports

The major economic activities in the country traditionally include shipping, freight forwarding to the UK, Germany, Austria and Finland, fish farming and fisheries. This is why it has the 4th largest fleet in the entire globe in terms of shipping. We offer frozen food and fish transport from Norway to the UK. Between 1974 and 1981, it witnessed the tripling of its exports, and this is because the petroleum sector performed so well. This sector in essence takes up more than 25% of the GDP of the country and makes up about 52% of the total exports of the country. This country stands as the biggest oil exporter that is not a member of the OPEC after Russia. It was around this time that it witnessed an unprecedented boost in its oil exports to the tune of 93% increase. Here you can check our services dedicated to pallet courier Ireland to UK and Norway.

It exported more of primary products to the EU in 2008 and this had a share of 71% of its entire exports. At this same time, it only exported 14% of manufactured goods. At this time, services were also a major part of the country's trade. It exported a total of €31.1 billion worth of services. It also imported goods worth about 29.6 billion as at that time.

Export commodities

The country exported more of these products;

Urgent delivery to Norway
  • Building and managements of huge offshore installations transport
  • Unwrought metals transport
  • Aluminium, Ferro alloys, semi finished steels and other metals delivery
  • Chemicals haulage
  • Timber delivery
  • Forests
  • Refrigerated Seafood transport
  • Food processing
  • Fish farming
  • Italian freight forwarders
  • Hydroelectricity
  • Transport equipment
  • Industrial machinery moving
  • Wood products
  • Shipping
  • Oil and gas

Norway has other mineral resources and they include;

    Container transport to Norway
  • Nickel
  • Pyrites
  • Titanium
  • Nickel
  • Zinc
  • Lead iron ore
  • Copper

Import commodities

We transport to Norway the following products:

  • Chemicals
  • Metals
  • Food items
  • Transportation
  • Machinery
  • Industrial supplies
  • Fuels
  • Capital goods

Last minute haulage to NorwayThe major trading partners to the country are;

Urgent Pallet delivery to Norway

We specialize in international pallet delivery to Norway from the UK and other areas. We pride in our years of massive experience in helping our customers to get the best from their businesses. We have a express pallet delivery that is cost effective and very versatile.

  1. We are members of the UK pallet distribution network body
  2. We work with local expertise to serve all the GL, SN and OX postcodes, coupled with delivery to national destinations
  3. We also offer warehousing and full time pallet logistics
  4. We also handle unusual and abnormal pallets and situations
  5. We deliver internationally and we deliver hundreds every day.
  6. Freight to Netherlands from Norway.

All our hundreds of pallets handled every day are all tracked through our tracking system. We work with the best hubs and warehouses, coupled with effective and strong delivery fleets. Our staffs will have their eyes on your pallets till they are delivered to you. We take extreme care of these.

Because of our membership of UK to network express pallet delivery Network, you are always assured of the safety of your freight and haulage. This is because of the quality of ADR drivers, warehouses and fleets.

Even when you have the hazardous chemicals and the loads of abnormal shapes and sizes, we will deliver them for you. All our pallets are delivered at their final destination in the same condition they were picked up at the collection location. Compare average road haulage to Norway costs with us. You may also like Denmark pallet delivery website.