Freight and pallet delivery to Belgium

Pallet delivery to BelgiumWe offer economy and express freight and pallet delivery from the UK to Belgium and to other countries in Europe. We have an effective pallet haulage network and with our system we are able to meet your requirements no matter the size, shape and urgency of the delivery.

We ship any type of cargo for all industries - building, food, pharmacy, manufacturing, automotive, domestic goods.

Our Belgian freight forwarders offers both freight to Belgium from the UK and cargo haulage to the UK from Belgium.

If you need a daily, weekly or monthly haulage services we will be happy to assist. Should we not be able to meet your requirements we are absolutely confident that one of our Belgian haulage companies we work with will be able to offer cheap one way cargo transport. We ship anything to anywhere you want.

  • Cheap freight haulage to Brussels from London, Birmingham, Paris, Barcelona
  • Last minute pallet delivery to Antwerpen from Glasgow, Liverpool, Berlin, Madrid
  • Next day cargo haulage to Gent from Sheffield, Manchester, Rome, Bucharest
  • Urgent container shipping to Charleroi from Liverpool, Bristol, Vienna, Hamburg
  • Express refrigerated food transport to Liège from Belfast, Dublin, Budapest, Warsaw
  • Early morning goods on pallets collection and delivery to Brugge from Leicester, Derby, Barcelona, Munich
  • Weekly machinery haulage to Namur from Aberdeen, Cork, Milan, Sofia
  • Daily house removals to Leuven from Shrewsbury, Newcastle, Prague, Brussels
  • Daily express cargo courier to Mons from Nottingham, Plymouth, Cologne, Naples
  • Economy 20ft container shipping to Aalst from York, Warrington, Stockport, Stockholm, Turin
  • Same day cargo haulage to Mechelen from Norfolk, Ipswich, Marseille, Amsterdam

Freight forwarding companies to Belgium pride on providing cheap courier pallet delivery services at the most competitive rates. We provide heavy haulage and road transport quotes for pallets and freight shipping taking into consideration the weight, size of the items and urgency of the delivery.

Thus, in order to ensure that you don't pay for space you did not use, we provide 1/4, 1/2 and full pallet transport to and from Belgium. In this way, you will be able to choose a pallet service that meets your requirement. If you have oversized pallet to be shipped to Belgium, there is no cause for alarm, we provide oversized pallet shipping services as well for people that have large consignments that are bigger than the standard sizes. We also transport heavy machinery to Belgium from the UK.

We do not limit our services to shipping cargo from the UK to Belgium. We also provide freight import services from Belgium to the UK and from one European country to another. We are a renowned international pallet delivery company providing services to other continents as well - Belgium to France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Pallet delivery to Portugal, Poland and more.

Cheap cargo shipping to Belgium

If you are fishing for a cheapest or short notice oversize pallet, chilled products, 40ft container, household goods, machines or any other freight delivery to Belgium from the UK we will help.

Habitually our batch of best UK and Belgian freight distribution firms is experienced enough to perform a wide variety of same day moving solutions at as soon as a few hours' notice and at a low-cost price. We not only transport refrigerated and leviathan products from the UK to Belgium but we also carry out freight and any other pallet haulage from Belgium to the GB, Greece, Spain, Sweden and all EU countries.

Our previous tasks encompass:

  • Short notice chilled food transport to Hasselt and Schoten from Gloucester
  • Economy manufacturing machinery shipping to Tienen from Inverness
  • Last minute forty two pallets delivery to Lier from Carlisle
  • Same day 5ft container haulage to Herstal from Peterborough
  • Urgent fish and sea food haulage to Sint-Pieters-Leeuw from Belfast
  • Next day transport to Belgium by road of a variety of forestry and warehousing machinery such as planters, light duty stackers, multi-rip saws, prepress-imagesetters and construction & mining tractors
  • Emergency man and a van for moving house packing boxes and white goods forwarding
  • Express truck and motorcycle shipping to Houthalen from the UK
  • Completely free present cargo to Belgium transportation costs compare option, offer

Whether you crave to pick up and move just one Euro pallet, deliver a platform container or book cheap dedicated 18 tonne, Transit Panel or Curtain sided vehicle our UK to Belgium international delivery companies will be pleased to help. We also are experienced enough to haul each count of cargo containers - intermediate bulk shift, one-fourth of a, special dry cargo, motorbike, open top containers and many more. We also have the right equipment to deliver save storage and self-storage space for diversified casts of machinery - kitchen items, cars, sofas and beds, skipping ropes, heavy equipment, dolls, factory equipment, camper vans and other. No matter what your delivery or carrying needs can be we will let you know how much is to collect and move cargo, a motorcycle, meat and fish, towering industrial equipment or all other wholesaling goods on pallets to Belgium from England, Wales, Scotland and all the UK. With our express freight forwarding companies and with the large-scale chain of next day UK and Belgian merchandise hauliers you can obtain and examine average cargo to Belgium prices within hardly any moments.

Sending Freight to Belgium from UK

As far as last minute express pallet delivery to Belgium is concerned, we cover the entire country delivering pallets to Belgian cities such as Antwerp, Liege, Ghent, Charleroi, municipality of Brussels, Leuven, Ixelles, Mechelen, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, Aalst, Uccle, La Louviere, Kortrijk, Sint-Niklaas, Hasselt, Ostend, Genk, Tournai Verviers, Roeselare, Mouscron, Woluwe-Saint-Lambertt. Forest, Beveren, Jettte, Saint-Gilles, Etterbeek, Jette, Dendermonde, Beringen, Turnhout, Heist-op-den-Berg, Sint-Truiden, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Vilvoorde, Lokeren, Braine-l'Alleud, Herstal, Brasschaat, Ninove, Maasmechelen, Waregem, Ninove, Geel, Chatelet, Halle, Ypres, Knokke-Heist, Grimbergen, Evere, Lier, Mol, Wavre, Binche, Menen, Schoten, Lier, Binche, Evergem, Tienen, Lommel, Heusden-Zolder, Geraardsbergen, Bilzen, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Wevelgem, Houthalen-Helchteren and more.. It is very easy to obtain instant freight to Belgium quote from our system. All you need is to tell us your pallet size and first two digits of the postcodes contained in drop down list. Let us know if you are experiencing any problem and we will be pleased to offer you help. We offer last minute pallet delivery to Belgium from London, Leeds, Brighton, Cardiff, Glasgow, Derby, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Bristol and more.

Freight forwarding companies to Belgium

We have been providing pallet courier to Belgium and logistics services for many years now. Owing to our excellent performance over the years, we have been included in the network of the largest pallet delivery service of UK which has more than 150 members across the country and continent.

We are able to provide door-to-door pallet delivery within UK and Europe to both businesses and the individual or any person that wants the haulage service insofar as the person is living within Europe. But as an international pallet delivery company to Belgium, we also provide quotes for international cargo shipping services. In this way, we ensure that we provide you with the best cost effective freight to Belgium quote. Before pallet collection and delivery to Belgium are carried out, we will first of all contact our customer through a phone call to ensure that everything is fine. We go the extra mile by providing our clients with pallet and help in loading the consignment on the truck if there is a need for that.

With UK freight forwarding to Belgium pallet network, you will be able to ship any cargo from anywhere - London, Southampton, Preston, Warrington, Northampton, Kent, Surrey, England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. UK to Belgium Hauliers have different pages for individual and public courier services and business pallet courier services. So, if you are an individual and want to book a house removals or personal effects delivery, you can book for your pallet collection/delivery from our public courier web page and then business courier service from our business courier service. If you want automotive courier services, we also have a different web-page for that.

Express pallet courier to Belgium from UKExpress Freight transport to Belgium from London and all UK have a dedicated customer service team that will give reply to your emails and answer all your calls as soon as possible. If you have last minute urgent needs for sending freight to Belgium from UK quotes or you have an urgent inquiry to make,transport companies can reply that even outside of the office hour. Get a quick quote for last minute express pallet delivery to Antwerp, cargo shipping from Bristol to Brussels, car transport from Leeds to Ghent, express courier to Charleroi from Bristol, heavy haulage from Brighton to Liège, freight forwarders from London to Brussels, motorcycle shipping form Glasgow to Bruges and all UK and Belgium.

Express pallet courier to Belgium

Freight forwarder provides efficient, quick and reliable pallet transportation to Belgium and from Belgium to UK and other parts of Europe or across the globe. Use the chat box below to get express cargo delivery to Belgium quote instantly online. You will find the boxes, parcels, pallets and machinery shipping services we offer. You can also book for pallet collection or delivery to Belgium through our website and after the booking, the pallet carrier will collect your goods within the specified time frame. You will get the best UK to Belgium pallet haulage price from us because we are only working with the major pallet couriers, networks and distribution companies..

Cheap pallet delivery to Belgium from UK

The economy of Belgium is a globalist one. Given the excellent, reliable, effective, well integrated and efficient transport system of the country and its robust economy, cheap pallet delivery to and from Belgium is provided by a number of cargo couriers providing reliable and efficient transportation services. As a result of this, it is not difficult to move any type of consignment be it small or large quantity of pallets, machinery, auto parts, food products to Belgium or from Belgium to any city Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Porto, Lisbon, London, Vienna, Berlin and more. Express haulage to Belgium provide our cheap pallet delivery services to all parts especially major locations such as Namar, Anvers, Hainaut, Liege, Luxembourg, Limbourg, Flandre-Occidentale and Flandre-Orientale.

Road transport to Belgium costs

You can quote and book for pallet collection/delivery to and from Belgium via the internet through our online chat regardless of the type of pallet transport that you want be it shipment of 4x4 component, urgent papers or anything at all. As your shipment passes through checkpoint, you will be able track its status and monitor it through the shipment process until it gets to the final destination in Belgium.

How much to ship a pallet to Belgium

Pallets are utilised to ship to Belgium a collection of goods together. It can also be used for the shipment of heavy or large items such us transmissions, car engines, auto parts, motorcycles, machinery, building materials, furniture, boxes and excess luggage. They provide support to the item's weight as the items are place on them before they are loaded unto the removal vehicle for safety delivery to the final address. The vehicle used for cheap pallet shipment normally is equipped with a tail lift but if it is not available in the vehicle, a forklift will be provided for the lifting and loading of the pallet into the vehicle. To find out how much is to ship a pallet to Belgium from the UK please request a quick quote.

Before you book for a cheap UK to Belgium pallet delivery, you are required to get a pallet and all that will be used for strapping and wrapping of the consignment firmly on the pallet. It is also your responsibility to ensure that the pallet has impressive stability suitable for transportation of Freight to Belgium as the entire pallet when being lifted will be tilt. You should also be abreast with all the frequently asked question about pallet shipping so that you will be fully informed and enlightened on the content of our terms and conditions before accepting and confirming your booking.

You will be able to compare pallet delivery to Belgium quotes instantly online for both local and some European pallet collection and deliveries. Phone us to book for your collection/delivery now. Our freight forwarding team will provide you with a quote for international shipment, business rates and bulk orders after shopping around for the best rates for sea, air and ground transportation. We know how much sending freight to Belgium should cost and will provide you with cheapest rates. Our two man and van delivery service may be a suitable option for you if you have consignments that are very bulky and will overhang the pallet or exceed the dimension and weight limitation of the standard pallet. In the two man delivery service, two people will lift your consignment. Heavy cargo haulage costs will be given to you instantly. We do a lot of last minute pallet courier to Belgium form UK. We can haul your cargo from the UK to Belgium with a very short notice. Your freight will be delivered the same day or early morning the next day after the collection.

Sending full van load to Belgium

If you are placing many goods on the pallet for shipment, you should not regard them as one item based on the fact that they are placed on the same pallet. Instead, you should consider them as many goods and attend to each of them in the same manner that you would have done if you were sending them differently. You should ensure that you comply with our pallet packing requirements when packing each of the goods so that they will be protected during transit. Haulage companies to Belgium offer special rates for sending a full van load, dedicated van.

What are the maximum size, weight and height restrictions?

Pallet has three different standard sizes, namely, full, half and quarter. The base size for all of them is the same which is 1m wide by 1.2m deep.

Shipping full pallets to Belgium

There are three restrictions for weight, dimension and height:

  • Consignment should not exceed 1.2m x 1m base.
  • The weight of the goods should not be more than 1000kg.
  • The height of the goods when placed on the pallet should not be more than 2m including the base of the pallet.
  • Check also Danish freight forwarders

Sending half of a pallet to Belgium

Below are the three restrictions for half pallets:

  • Goods should be larger than a base of 1.2mx1m.
  • The weight of the goods must not be above 500kg.
  • The height of the goods when placed on the pallet should not be more than 1.1m including the base of the pallet.

Quarter pallet transport to Belgium

Below are the three restrictions for half pallets:

  • Goods should be larger than a base of 1.2mx1m.
  • The weight of the goods must not be above 250kg.
  • The height of the goods when placed on the pallet should not be more than 0.8m including the base of the pallet.

Irregular sized pallet haulage to Belgium

If your pallet size does not fall within the standard restrictions given above, whether it is a pallet for UK delivery or pallet for international delivery, freight forwarder to Belgium will be able to provide you with a quote that will match it.

Can I send engines by courier to Belgium?

Engines are not among the prohibited items. We don accept engines for express delivery when they are well drained of all oil and fluid. The express pallet courier must also be able to access the dipstick in order to check it.

What will happen if the consignment overhangs the pallet?

You are required to book for extra space if your items are very large. Physically, you can only lift one pallet at a time for transport but one can also pay for a space that will accommodate two pallets' width. Compare cargo delivery to Belgium prices for overhanging loads.

What is regarded as overhang?

Once your consignment exceeds the maximum limit of the base of the standard pallet regardless of the quantity by which it exceeds the length whether it is 1cm or 10cm, it is regarded as overhang. It does not fit means that it does not fit and there is no soft paddling on this. Pallets are loaded in pallet lorries side by side in rows. Given this arrangement, it will be impossible to slot in another pallet next to a pallet with goods that overhang and so, you will pay additional fee for extra space or your pallet will not be collected. When comparing quotes for cheap cargo to Belgium transport by road please be very accurate with the dimensions to avoid unpleasant situations.

Booking for extra space for large consignment

You will be able to book space for two pallets to contain a consignment that overhangs one pallet. However, forklifts which come with two prongs only are used in lifting pallets. The implication of this is that only one pallet can be lifted at a time physically speaking. Two pallet widths are the maximum extra space allowed and yet the height of the goods when placed on the pallet including the pallet base should be within the 1.2m limit. The normal restrictions on size, weight and height still apply depending on whether you are utilizing a quarter of a pallet, half or full. You should secure your goods at the middle of the pallet. You can order and pay for two pallet shipping to Belgium space but only your one pallet will be physically loaded into the moving truck with the consignment occupying both sides of the space.

Extra costs for haulage

Haulage to BelgiumThe driver will either refuse to collect your pallet to Belgium if it overhangs and you did not book for extra space and you will be charged for failed collection or your pallet will be collected by the driver on the condition that you will pay a surcharge. No matter the option you take, you will be required to make extra payment for the consignment. We also offer 48 hours pallet delivery to Italy from Belgium.

Can my pallet be loaded at either angle?

When you measure your item, you will be able to discover whether its size will perfectly fit a pallet. However, the side of your consignment must match both width and depth of the base of the pallet before it will be accommodated.

Natural orientation

A heavy consignment may have two unequal sides with the shortest side naturally fitting the available space on the pallet base and the longest side overhanging it. If owing to the natural orientation of the consignment or the consignment is too heavy to be lifted on the pallet so that it will be sitting with the shortest side, it shall be considered an oversize consignment, if it sits with the longest sides that overhangs even though the overall size of the consignment fits the pallet. In this case, you will be required to book for two pallet delivery to Belgium space or you will pay a surcharge before your item will be collected.

What does pallet wrapping mean?

You are required to put your consignment on the pallet and wrap it before our driver arrives. With the pallet wrapping, you are securing your goods to the pallet making it ready for shipping to Belgium. You are required to pack your consignment in accordance with our guidelines before placing it on the pallet.

Transporting Engines to Belgium

If you shrink wrap an engine in preparation for road transport to Belgium, the shrink wrap must have a hole through which the courier will be able to access the dipstick to verify whether or not it contains oil.

What access do pallet trucks require?

We normally use 3,5 ton and 18.5 tonne lorries for sending freight to Belgium from the UK which are large size. This implies large vehicles should be able to access both the collection and delivery points. We have trucks that feature tail-lift and pump truck (pallet truck) for easier loading and offloading in locations where forklift is not available.

Restricted access

If large truck of 18.5 tonne lorries cannot access the collection/delivery points, you can request for smaller trucks of 7.5 tonne, 3,5 ton, Luton van or transit van. Kindly discuss your access issues with our last minute pallet experts to Belgium or book for the smaller vehicle from our customer service team.

Do you stack pallets on top of each other?

We do not stack palletized goods on top of each other. Pallet can be stacked two rows high in larger pallet lorries as they have two levels inside. However, the pallet themselves do not sit on top of each other rather they sit on metal supports.

Should I sign for a damaged pallet?

Make sure that you make a report about any damage upon delivery before signing. Reporting damage is very easy. You are only required to write damage beside your signature if you are obliged to sign. Then inform our freight forwarding to Belgium team immediately. If you don't make any report upon cargo delivery as stipulated above, it is taken that the goods are delivered in good condition.

Belgium Trade, Export and Imports

Trade is the hallmark of all the activities of Belgium owing to the fact that it is located in a central position in the European continent. Belgium also has a well-developed transportation network, diversified industrial and commercial base. However, the country depends largely on importing goods from Europe given that a substantial amount of raw materials required by the industries in the country are imported. Thus, Belgium is vulnerable to global market volatility. This explains why the country was in difficult condition in the year 2008-09. In 2008, its GDP declined from $394.9 billion in 2008 to $381.4 billion.

Sending goods from Belgium

The balance of trade in Belgium goes toward trade as a result of the insufficiency of raw materials and natural resources. Therefore, Belgium always experiences trade deficit. The export volume of Belgium as estimated in 2009 was $296.1 billion and with this volume, it was ranked 13th in the world.  This figure indicated that there was a remarkable fall from $371.5 billion obtained the previous year. The different commodities exported from the country include foodstuffs, metals and metal products, chemicals machinery and equipment.

The biggest export partners of Belgium are Germany, Italy, U.S.A, France, UK and Netherlands. Tons of goods are transported from Belgium to this countries each month. Germany had 19.8% export contribution which is the highest with France seconding it with 17.4% export contribution. Netherlands and UK take the third and fourth position with 12.2% and 7.2% respectively. U.S and Italy make 4.8% and 4.7% contributions each.

Freight Shipping to Belgium

As far as freight shipping to Belgium is concerned, we have no match. Our dedicated road freight vans provide the fastest express freight transport services and economy groupage services from the UK to Belgium and from Belgium to UK and other parts of Europe like pallet delivery to Austria, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Turkey and more . Hauliers to Belgium from UK have local partners throughout the UK and Europe to ensure that your freight is not left waiting for scheduled weekly truck as other freight forwarders. With our local pallet pick up and distribution companies, we will be able to transport your consignment on the first truck. Our truck leaves on daily basis to Benelux countries which include Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

We can not only transport commercial and business cargo from the UK to Belgium or from Belgium to the UK. We have a network of international removal companies partners that ship personal goods, household items and cars at affordable rates.

Freight to BelgiumFreight forwarding to Belgium provide the options of Eurotunnel and direct ferry routes which include from Hull, Portsmouth, Killinghome, Purfleet or Rosyth to Zeebrugge or from Ramsgate to Ostende. The Channel ports through Northern France are also included in our direct ferry routers. So, with UK to Belgium transport companies, your consignment can always be hauled through the ideal route either from the UK to Belgium or from Belgium to the UK. We will always offer the best pallet haulage services to and from Belgium within Europe regardless of the type of service you hire be it part load, full load, boxes, cartons, crates, standard 120 x 100 x 120 x 80 centimetre base pallets or consignments that are awkwardly shaped. The size of your goods or machinery does not matter to us.

24/7 goods on pallets courier firms to Belgium

If you aim to have the frozen food, fresh food, burdensome excess baggage, huge forty foot container or some other industrial palletized goods fetched early in the morning and delivered within 2 days we are the economy UK to Belgium freight couriers that would be charmed to be your international mover.

Our trustworthy, express, affordable and 24/7 cargo courier to Belgium from the British Empire has the expertise to market any cargo forwarding on any demanded chain. We will be pleased to transport every cumbersome goods on pallets from Bristol to Châtelet, export refrigerated products to Wavre from Plymouth, execute emergency 100 cm × 120 cm pallet road transport to Mons from Worcester, haul one third of a shipping container to Geraardsbergen from Wolverhampton, forward extremely large farming equipment to Mouscron from Lancaster, export extra luggage, potted plants or freight from Brasschaat to Sunderland and different.

Cheap Belgian freight couriers do not only carry extensive and top-heavy wares or textile machines we also offer urgent removals of any single and petite private property like plastic crates, excess baggage, lateral file cabinets, bicycle, frames & pictures, chronicles, chinaware, pillows and more. Here you can find some info on shipping freight to Spain from Belgium.

In the situation we cannot conform your global cargo delivery order our experienced workers may inspect last minute freight transport rates to Belgium from loads of on sale and long distance UK and Belgian courier companies.
Our staff will phone you how much it costs to move goods on pallets to Belgium from the UK, Estonia, Croatia, Macedonia, Switzerland, Ukraine and from all Europe and from all Britain with Northern Ireland and Ireland. You will be favourable with our short notice personal items container, frozen food and other freight to Belgium transport by road costs.

Road freight to Belgium

Our road freight services are very efficient and with it, we will be able to deliver your consignment within the tightest deadlines since the road networks in Belgium and the UK are good. The motorway system in Belgium is very dense and up-to-date. Each direction mostly comprises three lanes and they are well lit. In fact, the highways in BEL are regarded as the best in the world and high-mast lighting for roadways were copied from Belgium. Normally, traffic is experienced in Brussels especially the RO Ring but despite that, we are still able to deliver goods on pallets to the city.

We have road freight delivery to Belgium partners throughout the country. Thus, we are able to provide freight transport throughout the entire country thanks to our local partners. We ship cargo Ghent, Antwerp, Liege, Charleroi, Namur, Anderlecht, Bruges, Schaerbeek, Leuven, Uccle, Mons, Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, Ixelles, Uccle, Aalst, Mechelen, Hasselt, La Louviere, Ostend, Kortrijk, Genk, Tournai, Seraing, Mouscron, Roeselare, Vorst, Verviers and many others.

Brussels the capital city of Belgium is also the political capital of the European Union. This coupled with the fact that Brussels is also the headquarters of NATO which is an international organization makes Brussels famous. Probably, the reason for the choice of Belgium for NATO and EU headquarters is the country's rich culinary tradition. Belgian, chocolate and French laced with beer are very popular. There is also the fact that the country occupies a central position in Europe. Belgium is a tourist destination. The UNESCO World Heritage at the historic centre of Bruges and the diamond brokering industry in the city of Antwerp also contributed to the popularity of Belgium.

Cargo transport from UK to BL

Whether your cargo is destined to Belgique (French) or Belgie (Dutch) or Belgien (in German), we assure you of delivering it safely to the last point. The languages mentioned above are the three major languages used in the country. The Flemish community occupying the region of Flanders in the northern area of the country speaks Dutch, the Walloon population in the southern region of Wallonia speak French while the small German speaking community occupy the eastern Wallonia region. Our local distribution partners are located in each of these regions and among the major language groups in the country. So, our experts will not encounter any problem in negotiating for the most competitive price for last minute and express cargo deliveries to Belgium from Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Preston, Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Wigan, Warrington, Northampton, Telford, Newcastle, London and more.

One of our most well-known popular European freight haulage destinations are the Benelux countries. We offer affordable pallet transportation services. Our express freight to Belgium rates are the most competitive you will ever find elsewhere as far as pallet shipping to and from Belgium is concerned. We provide an inexpensive economy groupage services to and from Belgium. We accept pallets of different kinds including printers, wooden pallets and plastic from the UK and Euro. We deliver to Belgium them at unbeatable prices. For freight or consignments that are not time sensitive, we provide 48 hour or two days delivery services. But if you are looking for the most economic but reliable and frequent shipping service, you should opt for our consolidated road freight groupage services.

For sending non-palletised cargo to and from Belgium, we have experience in handling unusual consignments whether it is bulky or heavy. Our UK and Belgian freight forwarding companies specialise in carrying out hauling service that our competitors find very difficult to do because as an independent haulier, we have the knowledge, expertise and the required experience. Only a few freight forwarders to Belgium from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland can match us in shipping any size of pallets and consignment. We also do express freight to Germany from Belgium.

We will always provide you with the best rate for cages, packing cases, boxes, export packed cargo, stretch-wrapped, shrink-wrapped, non-stackable or stackable regardless of your requirements. UK Freight forwarder to Belgium assure you that we will meet your requirements and fulfil your transport need with our express services using van couriers to Europe utilising 17 toners, flat bed/low loaders, trailers and mega-trucks, tautliners/Euroliners.

If you need express freight delivery from the UK to Belgium or Belgium to the UK, our same-day/next day services are suitable options for you. The transit time is 6-12 hours. We use dedicated Sprinter or Luton van and 7.5 tonne trucks to provide you with urgent and/or secure cargo services. Collections and deliveries across the UK and Belgium are implemented by our local partners throughout the UK and Belgium. When required, we also provide timed collections/deliveries in both the UK and Belgium. Your ideal same-day or next-day solution is provided with one of our express vans to Europe which is used for time-sensitive shipment or shipment that requires secure handling or guaranteed pick-up and drop-off times. We accept large loads as well. We are able to provide any vehicle from a truck with crane known as hiab to a Euroliner. Compare cargo express delivery to Belgium and save money on your move.


Belgium which is bordered by Luxembourg, Germany and North Sea between France and the Netherlands is located in Western Europe.

Exporting to Belgium from UK

Belgium is a wealthy but small country with people of different cultural backgrounds. Its market which provides a lot of opportunities in the majority of sectors is highly competitive. There are over 1,000 public and private international organizations that are head-quartered in this small country. There is a demand in the Belgian market for the UK goods and services. There are a number of UK companies that have base in the country and they include Shell, GSK, BT and BP.

Exporting to Belgium benefits the UK businesses in a number of ways which include the following:

  • Belgium is close to the UK and has easy transport links with the UK.
  • The country has an established solid trade relationship with the UK.
  • There is minimized communication barrier as English is spoken widely in the country.
  • The market can easily be penetrated as there is little barrier.
  • The disposable income of the population of the country is high.
  • Top decision makers in international matters in the continent and globally such as North Atlantic Treaty
  • Organisation (NATO) and European Union (EU) are located in and close to the country.

Below are some of the strong points of Belgian market:

  • It is strategically located.
  • It has an open economy.
  • Its transport network is well developed and effective.
  • The country is among the first to adopt new technologies.

The doing of business in the UK is not different from the doing of business in Belgium. This means that if you are successful with your business in the UK, you are much likely going to be successful with it in Belgium. UK companies wanting export and to do business in Belgium at the moment are not faced with any major challenges.

With an expected 10% growth in 2015, the economic outlook of Belgium is quite strong. The priority sectors for economic growth in Belgium are biotechnology, transport and logistics, pharmaceutical sector, environmental technology, information communications technology (ICT), and  agri-food sector. There are more and more companies transporting good on pallets to Belgium from the UK and selling them in Belgium. We also work with best Irish haulage companies.

Belgium belongs to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) and the European Union (EU). With its membership to these organizations, UK manufactured goods are not charged import duties. In case you have problem accessing the market with regard to the Single Market operation, kindly contact us.

Short notice freight shipping to Belgium

Economy pallet delivery to Belgium is only 1 of the services international network has the experience to handle. As a matter of fact our comprehensive intercontinental group of same day cargo transport firms forward equipment, send fresh vegetables, ship forklifts and other manufacturing equipment across all European Union countries. Our firm is able to manage cheap frozen food export Sint-Niklaas to Berlin, express frozen products moving Hoboken to Cluj-Napoca, next day 20ft auto container haulage Menen to Timisoara, economy jumbo factory plants transport Ostend to Bielefeld, 24/7 120 cm × 100 cm pallet forwarding Leuven to Stockholm, emergency vehicle and van shipping Genk to Duisburg, Toulouse to Turnhout, Maasmechelen to Kraków, Nice to Mol and etc.. Our relocation manager price approximate freight to Belgium transportation expenses and we will be delighted to transport abroad every amount of cargo to any place you order - 0,4 ton half pallet to Ninove, 1550 kg EUR-1 pallet to Tournai, 1,6 ton Euro1 pallet to Dilbeek, 2 ton goods on pallet to Knokke-Heist and everything you want. Our urgent pallet average haulage prices to Belgium form the UK, Luxembourg pallet delivery, England, Slovakia, Wales, Ireland or Latvia are remarkably discount. Our last minute Belgian heavy cargo transport companies accomplish good, slick and periodic cargo road transport services to Sint-Truiden from Cambridge, standardized meat and poultry products removals to Brussels from Portsmouth, smart farm machinery delivery to Grimbergen from Liverpool, efficient one complete side container transport by road to Seraing from Edinburgh and more.

There is a field of advantages why you could be looking at our long distance UK to Belgium pallet export courier:

  • Regular, routine, friendly, short notice cargo moving to Verviers, Dendermonde, Heusden, Beveren, Namur and similar
  • Extensive variation of elephantine goods on pallets haulage vehicles - VW Transporter 1 Ton, Volkswagen Transporter T28 SWB, Luton, Long Wheel Base, 25 ton Trailer Montracon 13.6m, 40ft Trailer/Artic and more
  • Last minute freight transport to Belgium and back to the United Kingdom together with Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland
  • Same day fresh fruits and meat products forwarding from Belgium to the Great Britain, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Malta and to all Denmark
  • Loose-Fitting international band of same day UK and Belgian pallet shipping firms that have the facility to transport any type of heavyweight and copious cargo containers: car container, wooden box container, removable tarpaulin roof container, new shipping container, 40ft container and further
  • Urgent assembled, massed, cumulative or exclusive use lorry for cargo shipping Lincoln to Lokeren, Southampton to Evergem, Bath to Heist-op-den-Berg, Lisburn to Lommel, Hereford to Aalst and any locality you demand
  • Next day early afternoon freight pick up with recognised, local or cheap delivery
  • Free of cost UK to Belgium pallet transport rates assessment via our form or land line
  • Emergency EUR-6 pallet transportation to La Louvière from Wakefield, cheap EUR-3 pallet moving to Helchteren from Preston, express EUR-2 pallet collect and transport to Wevelgem from Swansea, next day standard pallet removals to Antwerpen from Londonderry, economy full pallet transport to Waregem from Armagh and more
  • Express 1,000 mm × 1,200 mm pallet pick-up and delivery to Charleroi from Dresden, bank holiday refrigerated food freight forwarding from Braine-l'Alleud to Riga, early morning sport equipment transport by land from Halle to Murcia, Saturday bike and heavy items haulage from Brugge to Stuttgart, Sunday flat rack container transport by road from Binche to Hannover, late afternoon plant equipment removal from Geel to Mannheim and many more

UK and Belgium

In 2014, the UK exports to Belgium totalled £12.5 billion making Belgium the eight largest export market of the UK. The US is the first largest export market of the UK with the Benelux countries which comprise Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg being the second largest.

Top UK exports to Belgium are diamonds, automotive equipment, medical products and chemicals products.

Belgian Construction market has three major sectors, namely, residential, civil engineering and non-residential construction. The construction sector in the country provides the following opportunities to UK companies looking to transport their products to Belgium:

  • public private partnership projects
  • collaboration with architects
  • sustainable building products
  • specialist building products
  • energy and cost saving products

Food and drink delivery to Belgium

Large companies normally use Belgium as a test market for their food products. The food and drink market of Belgium provides the following opportunities to the UK companies: spirits, convenience foods, snacking, ethnic foods, seafood and healthy and organic foods.

We have made pallet delivery from the UK to Belgium and from Belgium to UK very easy and straight forward. Whether you have large pallet of boxes with personal effects or pallet of tiles to deliver, we are capable of handling the consignment for you. Express freight to Belgium firms are able to cover all major cities and towns with our fast and efficient services. For our pallet delivery in Belgium, there are no customs to pay and documentation to take care of. Your consignments will be treated as local consignment in the UK is treated. All you need to do is to book your collection and leave the rest for freight forwarding to Belgium experts to complete. You can find out the status of your consignment from the time it is collected until it is delivered with our tracking facility. We also work with Czech freight forwarders.

Cargo Collection and delivery services to Belgium

Premium collection services

If you have time sensitive goods to be sent to Belgium, our premium collection service is the right option for you. The maximum number of days required for the completion of collection or delivery is 2 meaning that item collected today will definitely get to the final destination by the next day or even before that. The cost for this express courier delivery service is always given on request.

Economy collection services

We provide economy collection services and the number of days required to deliver the pallet to Belgium 3.

We have been able to deliver a number of pallets to Belgium and the most recent ones are the transmission parts, plastic holders, 1M wood lengths of C16 timber. Mixed constructions materials - metal, foam, flooring and work clothing on different dates in this month for £165.44, £339.77 and £159.72 respectively.

Restrictions on Pallet Delivery to Belgium

There are some restrictions on the goods we can ship to Belgium on pallets even though we are capable of shipping palletised products and most goods. Below are the restricted items.

Cargo transport to Belgium
  • items made from animals parts such as leather and furs,
  • tobacco products
  • foodstuffs
  • Swiss haulage companies
  • electronic/electrical equipment/appliances brought from non-European countries which may be modified before they can be used in Belgium, new items (less than six months old), plants, and vegetable products, presents and souvenirs and telephones and fax machines that can be used without modification.

Prohibited items from moving to Belgium

Items that are prohibited from being imported into Belgium are explosives, currency, firearms, animal products, drugs and narcotics, pornographic paraphernalia.

You should ensure that you book your collection/delivery service before 11 am whether you are importing to or exporting from Belgium so that you will be eligible for our quoted time scales. If you choose economy service, we will quote our prices based on quarter size pallet. The prices for both collection and delivery are subject to VAT.

Compare freight to Belgium, pallet delivery and express courier costs with us! You will not be disappointed.

Compare cargo to Belgium shipping costs

Should you be hoping to gather and compare 24/7 merchandise, refrigerated meat or any other bulky freight transportation prices to Belgium from the GB, Hungary, England, Austria, Wales, Moldova, Slovenia, Italy, Lithuania and from all European countries you will finalize it conveniently and efficiently here via our site. Our standard, emergency Belgian freight relocation companies evaluate devotedly and circumspectly how much is to transport dairy products Vilvoorde to Newcastle upon Tyne, to haul kids toys from London to Mechelen, how much it is to move 80 cm × 120 cm pallet from Kortrijk to Norwich, to forward 1/2 of a container to Gent from Coventry, how much it costs to send production equipment from Stoke-on-Trent to Ieper and anything you strive. Our sales executive can calculate urgent UK to Belgium pallet road transport rates in a few short minutes. Communicate with us instantly for any late evening, late night or last minute Belgium to the UK approximate cargo removals costs for all number of remunerative and residential merchandise: voitures, intermodal freight container, fresh food, 800 mm × 1,200 mm pallet, kitchen furniture, electronic goods, personal wares, cheap cardboard boxes, office desks, semi-circular office tables and other. Our most top rated and pleasing lines embrace: affordable long distance vegetables delivery Roeselare to Lichfield, cheap short notice personal items shipping Liège to Leicester, cheapest same day household goods transportation Beringen to York, budget cheap goods on pallets moving Hasselt to Durham, inexpensive express cargo collect and transport Schoten to Newport and different.

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  • Removal boxes cheap, freight, goods, portable radiator, corner cabinet, table lamps, boxes, chest of drawers (3) and other household movables removal Houthalen to Essen, Châtelet to Munich, Wavre to Paris, Mons to Brno, Geraardsbergen to Thessaloniki and etc.
  • Belgium to Holland pallet delivery
  • Unpaid contemporary cargo to Belgium export prices valuation, proposal
  • 24/7 low-budget man and van hire Belgium to UK for any 2 bedroom home or suite shipping or 1 package, parcel or baggage transport
  • Affordable, bank holiday or early morning, economy Belgian freight moving services for every class of mammoth, big, mighty stuff and items: moving machinery to Mouscron, 31.50 in × 47.24 in pallet haulage Brasschaat, heavy machinery transport Sint-Niklaas to Birmingham, truck forwarding Hoboken to Salford and everything you endeavour.
  • Our customer service has the knowledge to calculate average pallet to Belgium shipping rates and will tell you how much is to pick up and ship your gear and will contact you with our bid in the course of a couple of short steps