Next day Freight to Switzerland delivery

Pallet delivery to SwitzerlandAre you looking to send freight to Switzerland from the UK, Germany, France, Austria or from any other European country? Or perhaps you want to book a full truck load or a next day pallet delivery from Switzerland to the UK? Whatever your cargo delivery requirements are we can help you meet your goals and deadlines at affordable price.

We offer both express same day collection and next day pallet to Switzerland shipping and economy service where we combine a few shipments together.

As Suisse / Svizzera is not a member of the EU we will make sure that all the customs formalities are intact. If you ship your cargo to Switzerland for processing or for exhibitions and tend to ship it back to the UK we will contact the International Chamber of Commerce to arrange the ATA Carnet which allows for tax and duty free temporary deliveries for up to 1 year.

We cheap last minute next day pallet delivery to Switzerland from UK, cargo shipping to Zürich from London, refrigerated food transport to Genève from Birmingham, same day collection and overnight shipping to Basel from Glasgow, overnight pallet courier to Bern from Sheffield, 20ft and 40ft container shipping to Lausanne from Bristol, urgent machinery haulage to Winterthur from Manchester, house removals to Sankt from Liverpool, diary product delivery to Gallen Luzern Biel/Bienne, Thun from Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and more.

As you probably know Switzerland is outside of the EU. The ship goods from the UK you will need EORI number, commercial invoice, total weight, inventory, total goods value. We can handle the customs clearance UK for you too. Overnight, next day pallet delivery to Switzerland is possible as long as the collection in the UK takes place before 12pm.

Pallet delivery to Switzerland

Cheapest pallet delivery UK to Switzerland or next day cargo transport from Switzerland to the UK is the service we provide to many customers on a daily basis. We work with both UK and best Swiss haulage companies to offer you cost-effective freight shipping solutions. We offer all possible UK to Switzerland haulage services including full truck loads, groupage shipping, pallet courier, same day collection and next day delivery, 24 hours, 48 hours and finally economy shared container shipping. Our par-load, shared van and groupage deliveries are the cheapest ways of sending freight to Switzerland from London, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Belfast, Dublin, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and from all the UK. Our Europe to Switzerland freight forwarders UK offer best haulage solutions.

As our vans and trucks deliver pallets to Zürich, Genève, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Winterthur we have many options for any type of cargo delivery from Switzerland to the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Ireland and all Europe.

We work 7 days a week. Pallet collection, after office hours, early morning, at night, late evening, on Saturday, Sunday or even on a bank holiday it’s always an option. We never say no to our customers and try to help as much as we can. When you book a cheap, urgent, last minute pallet courier to Switzerland with us you can be sure that the timed collection and delivery will be accomplished with a success.

Our excellent customer service is always there to pick up a phone or email and tell you how much does pallet delivery to Switzerland cost. Our average shipping prices for sending freight to Sankt Gallen from Cardiff, refrigerated food products transport to Luzern from Newcastle, heavy machinery haulage to Biel/Bienne from Reading, urgent container shipping to Thun from Nottingham or for express overnight pallet courier to Köniz from London can’t be easily beaten by other even the cheapest Swiss freight forwarders.

Should you need a specialist lifting equipment to load and unload your cargo we can provide 3,5 ton, 7,5ton, 18ton or 24ton trucks with a tail lift and a pallet truck. For FTL we can also provide a forklift with operator and load your goods on our own. We can also offer heavy haulage trucks with hiab, cranes and other specialist equipment.

Shipping cargo to SwitzerlandIf you are sending an urgent freight to Switzerland for exhibitions or trade shows you can take advantage of our same day pick-up and next day delivery services. Our economy network of international Swiss haulage companies will always find a way to transport your products to La Chaux-de-Fonds, Rapperswil, Schaffhausen, Fribourg, Chur, Neuchâtel and more. We also offer pallet delivery to Finland from Switzerland.

Please remember that Switzerland has never joined the European Union. For that reason importing or exporting freight requires the goods to be cleared from customs. You do not have to worry about that. We work with both UK and Swiss customs agents. You will have to provide invoices, number of packages, weight, value and we will take care of the rest. The whole process is pretty much straight forward and can be arranged at the very last minute. Please note that most of the goods will be subject to taxes and duties.

As your fist choice Switzerland to UK pallet delivery courier we carry out freight deliveries on any possible routes – Zurich to London, Vernier to Derby, Altstettento Belfast, Sitten to Inverness, Lancy to Swansea, Aussersihl to Edinburg, Emmen to Leicester and more.

Inexpensive next day pallet delivery to Switzerland from UK can be arranged at a very short notice. Our dedicated, sole use van with a driver can be booked on the phone and can collect your goods within 2 hours from making the arrangement. Of course there are days when it will take longer for us to get to you but in most cases you will be surprised how quickly our man and van to Switzerland will turn up. If you phone us before 12pm we can guarantee that our driver will collection your goods on the same day. Our best Swiss haulage companies provide cheap, emergency, 24/7, last minute pallet delivery to Lugano, Kriens, Yverdon-les-Bains, Zug, Uster, Le Châtelard, Montreux and more. We never fail when it comes to fast UK to Switzerland cargo shipping. Contact us now to discover how much is pallet delivery to Zurich, Basel, Genève or Bern.

Exporting goods to Switzerland

When you export goods to Switzerland from United Kingdom you should apply 0% VAT. Simply you do not have to charge the VAT as it does not apply for sending goods outside of the European Union. Switzerland is a huge market for British companies. However because it is not a member of EU there are many different regulations which make UK importers very confused when it comes to charging VAT and calculating duties. The highest VAT charged in this country is 7,6% then 3,6% and 2,4% depending or the cargo you are importing from the UK.
Most sent freight to Switzerland from the UK can be 0% VAT rated under the conditions that the exporter keeps all paper work that prove the goods have left the European Union. Whether you are sending cargo to Frauenfeld, Sihlfeld, Dietikon, Baar, Unterstrass, Riehen or to Dübendorf the pallet delivery services by air, sea, or road are also zero rated. However please remember that even though you do not charge VAT on UK to Switzerland cargo transport you still have to declare the net value on the UK VAT return in field six. We are also shipping cargo to Czech Republic from Switzerland.

Switzerland is a landlocked European country. Though small in size and population, it has a booming economy. Covering an area of 41,285km2, it shares boundaries with Italy to the south, Germany to the north, France to the west, Liechtenstein and Austria to the east. According to her recent population estimation, about 8 million people are living in here. Switzerland gained her independent from the Holy Roman Empire in 1648. Since the reformation time, it has enjoyed a relative peace engaging in or coming under no military invasion with any country since 1815. The Swiss have made significant contributions towards the achievement of peace in the world. There are a lot of international organizations in here and a good number of them such as Red Cross were actually founded in the country. Despite getting involved actively in peace projects across the globe, it only joined the United Nation in 2002. Today, it has the second largest number of the United Nation’s Offices including the major ones. It does not belong to the European Union but she is a founding member of the European Free Trade Association. Switzerland also takes part in the European Single Market and Schengen area. All cargo to Switzerland deliveries are subject to Swiss tax and duties.

Linguistically, four main languages, namely, German, Italian, French and Romansh are spoken in the country. However, German remains the dominating language. The country practices direct democracy and true federalism in order to accommodate these linguistic and cultural groups. Given her cultural diversity, she is known by various name. The Italians calls it Svizzera while the German calls her Schweiz. She is called Suisse in French and Svizra in Roman.

Switzerland is one of the best countries you can live and do business in. It is home to a lot of international agencies and organizations. It is well developed with a great professional network of Swiss haulage companies to facilitate the international exchange of freight. The IMF ranks her the eight-highest per capita gross domestic product while her nominal wealth per adult is the highest in the world. The country also records an excellent performance in many aspects including economic competitiveness, quality of life, civil liberties, government transparency and human development. Some of her cities especially Zurich and Geneva score high in various indices such as quality of live, liability and others. For example, Zurich is ranked the second globally city according to Mercer.

Urgent freight shipping to Switzerland

If you are ferreting about for a flashing, special offer and personalized proposal to collect and haul some cargo to Switzerland or back our team will be enchanted to meet your requirement. We not only send fish and sea food and cumbrous products from the UK to Switzerland but we also have a lock on meat and fish and any other pallet haulage from Switzerland to the GB, Slovakia, Spain, Germany and all European countries.. Mostly our group of honourable UK and Swiss merchandise transport companies has the experience to conduct a bounty of economy shipping solutions at only 5 hours’ notice and at a reduced rate. If you are bobbing for a cheapest or long distance half pallet, frozen food, 10ft container, kitchen stuff, warehouse and factory machinery or any other freight transport to Switzerland from the UK we have the right resources to do it. Our urgent cargo to Switzerland transport by road rates are predicted to be immensely discount in correlation to other Swiss freight distribution companies. Phone us with promptness for an express road transport quote!

Our green carriages contain:

Shipping to Switzerland
  • Next day refrigerated products delivery to Lancy and La Chaux-de-Fonds from Glasgow
  • Last minute machines shipping to Fribourg from Winchester
  • 24/7 39 pallets haulage to Kriens from Swansea
  • Economy shared container transport to Rapperswil from Birmingham
  • Short notice frozen products transport by road to Köniz from Belfast
  • Express forwarding to Switzerland by land of a multitude of construction and industrial machinery such as spares, road rollers, skip loaders, vacuum pumps and hand push stackers
  • Cheap van rental for chests and coffee table moving
  • Emergency auto and moped removals to Aussersihl from the UK
  • Free of cost current cargo to Switzerland export costs evaluation, costs offer
  • Here you can read more about our Pallet courier Europe services

Whether you wish to pick up and deliver just a single small pallet, transport a personal items container or book emergency shared Long Wheelbase High Top, 1200 cubic feet or Ford Transit 3.5 Tonne van our UK to Switzerland international delivery companies can assist. We also are big enough to haul each kind of freight containers - one-third of a shipping, tunnel, liquid food, refrigerated, dry van containers and more. We also are organized enough to arrange computer and furniture storage and storage rooms for sundry arrays of wares - electronic equipment, cars, the contents of your home, shower stools, seats and chairs, fresh food, games and puzzles, plant equipment, vehicles and etc.. Whatever your carriage or air shipping expectations could be we can compare how much is to pick up and ship chilled food, personal belongings, frozen food, substantial machinery or all other profit-making goods on pallets to Switzerland from Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and all the British Empire. With our same day freight shipment firm and with the spacious network of express UK and Swiss bulky cargo hauliers you can examine average cargo to Switzerland prices within several whiles.

Swiss Economy

The Swiss have developed a high-tech economy with a high level of stability. It is rated as the wealthiest country in the world per capita by a number of institutions. It experiences a continuous economic prosperity and wealth. The European Union has rated Switzerland as the most innovative country in Europe while its average wealth per adult in 2013 was regarded as the highest in the Suisse Global Wealth Report. Its economy by nominal GDP is the nineteenth largest economy across the globe. Switzerland is a small country but she scores above many big countries to become the twentieth largest exporter in the world. The account balance percentage of Switzerland is one of the largest by GDP.

Switzerland has a diversified economy with the manufacturing industry being the most dominant economy in the country. It is home to a lot of manufacturing industries using our international freight forwarding companies to deliver freight to Switzerland and out. Some of the big companies and multinational corporations in the country are Zurich Financial Services, UBS AG, Novartis, Gunvor, Glencore, ABB, Hoffmann-La Roche, Nestle, Gunvor, Swiss International Air Lines and others. Goods manufactured in the country include mostly chemicals, pharmaceutical goods, health, scientific, musical instruments and precision. However, chemicals make up the largest export followed by the machines/electronics and precision instruments/watches respectively. Our urgent express freight courier to Switzerland have been serving all those industries for years.

Another sector that makes a significant contribution to the economy of the country is the service industry which includes tourism, banking and insurance and international organizations. It is home to many important international offices and agencies. The World Bank is located in the country. The United Nations has its second largest office in Geneva where the institution hosts a lot of its programs and carries out some of its administrative functions.

There are plenty of job opportunities in Svizzera thanks to its booming economy. It has a very low unemployment rate which was 3.2% as of 2014. There are over 5 million employees in thecountry and a significant percentage of these workforces are foreigners. The labour market in the country is more flexible than those of the neighbouring countries.

The private sector in Switzerland contributes greatly to its economy. One of the reasons why there are a lot of private businesses is because of its low taxation system which is considered to be the smallest among those of other developed nations. Besides low taxation system, many private businesses both local and foreign businesses to come to the country because of the ease of doing business in Switzerland. It occupied the 20th position in the Ease of Doing Business Index. However, despite her economic prowess, most of the Swiss residents prefer to live in rented apartment. 37% of the residents according to Credit Suisse live in their own apartment. The rest live in rented apartment or the likes. Thus, the home ownership rate of Switzerland is among the lowest in Europe. All properties on a rental market comes unfurnished. If you are planning a house removals to Switzerland from the UK make sure you take your furniture, white goods and bedding. Foods are also expensive in the country. One of the major contributing factors to the high cost of food in the country is the Agricultural Protectionism policies in the country which puts a barrier between her and other European Union. Though the Swiss has an appreciable purchasing power, she is not measuring up with other European Union countries when it comes to product market liberalization.

Pallet courier companies to Switzerland

Should a prospect plan to get the fish and sea food, merchandise, great personal items, immense 20ft auto container or some other business pallets delivered very quickly and shipped within a short time we are the cheap UK to Switzerland freight couriers that would be pleased to assist.

Pallet courier to Switzerland

Our specialist, express, competitive and short notice cargo courier to Switzerland from the United Kingdom has the expertise to get done every cargo delivery on any existing chain. We have the experience to forward every portly goods on pallets from Southampton to Chur, pick up and send fresh food to Zürich from Norwich, undertake last minute 800 mm × 1,200 mm pallet transport to Emmen from Hull, transport half of container to Geneva from Sheffield, convey jumbo forestry equipment to Basel from Wakefield, relocate extra luggage, sporting equipment or potted plants from Neuchâtel to Peterborough and other.

Urgent Swiss freight courier firms do not only forward large and walloping goods or paper products manufacturing machines we also offer 24/7 haulage of any single and microscopic every day-use goods like cheap moving boxes, domestic equipment, bookcases, music centre, kitchen stuff, filing cabinets, glasses, garden rooms, summerhouses and log cabins and more.

In the circumstances we can't affect your intercontinental cargo delivery demands international network has the access to receive and compare next day cargo delivery rates to Switzerland from a choice of economical and economy UK and Swiss couriers.

We will inform you how much is to send goods on pallets to Switzerland from the UK, Finland, Austria, Poland, France, Estonia and from all EU countries and from all the UK including England and Ireland. You will be appeased with our long distance 40ft container, fresh vegetables and other freight to Switzerland transportation costs.

Express freight shipping to Switzerland

Last minute pallet haulage to Switzerland is only 1 of the services we is experienced enough to put forward. In truth our all-embracing abroad bunch of urgent cargo transport firms ship chattels, move fish and sea food, haul bonded storage equipment and other remunerative freight across all European Union countries. Our office will be happy to perform emergency heavy equipment shipping Sitten to Genoa, same day refrigerated food road transport Sankt Gallen to Varna, express refrigerated ISO container transport by road Altstetten to Barcelona, cheap zaftig machinery forwarding Luzern to Milan, short notice Euro6 pallet moving Vernier to Wuppertal, last minute caravan and car removals Schaffhausen to Plovdiv, Warsaw to Lugano, Bern to Thessaloniki, Timisoara to Thun and similar. One of our surveyors will let you know approximate freight to Switzerland export costs and have the right equipment to transport abroad any extent of freight to any city you fancy - 750 kg full pallet to Winterthur, 450 kg 80 cm × 120 cm pallet to Biel/Bienne, 0,7 ton standard pallet to Lausanne, 0,9 ton 1,200 mm × 1,000 mm pallet to Lancy and everything you crave. Our 24/7 pallet average transport prices to Switzerland form the UK, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Wales, Fribourg, Scotland, Kriens or Rapperswil are highly half-priced. Our next day Swiss freight hauliers maintain honest, trusted and cheap cargo transport services to Köniz from Nottingham, specialist meat products haulage to Aussersihl from Newcastle upon Tyne, respectable gas and oil machinery delivery to Chur from Derby, faithful 1/3 of a shipping container transportation to Zürich from Chester and more.

There is a whole range of assets why you can be hiring our economy UK to Switzerland pallet shipping firm:

Express freight to Switzerland
  • Rhythmic, every minute, invariable, long distance cargo road transport to Emmen, Geneva, Basel, Neuchâtel, Sitten and many more
  • Deep spread of whopping goods on pallets transport by road vehicles - Ford Transit SWB, HGV 1, 36 Tonne Draw Bar Unit, 36t - 9 Container, Large volume Luton, HGV2, 18 Tonne, 2900 kgs Payload and more
  • 24/7 freight forwarding to Switzerland and back to Britain containing Northern Ireland, England and Ireland
  • Economy fresh fruits and refrigerated meat moving from Switzerland to the Great Britain, Sankt Gallen, Altstetten, Luzern, Vernier, Schaffhausen and to all Lugano
  • Expansive overseas band of urgent UK and Swiss pallet removal firms that will be delighted to export every type of huge and oversize stock containers: 10 ft shipping container, wooden box container, car carriers container, pallet wide container, flat racks container and alternative
  • Here you can find some info on pallet delivery to Denmark from Switzerland, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.
  • Short notice compiled, partly loaded, hoarded or LTL vehicle for cargo removals Edinburgh to Bern, Carlisle to Thun, Cambridge to Winterthur, Plymouth to Biel/Bienne, Leeds to Lausanne and anywhere you target
  • Express Saturday freight pick-up with true-hearted, every week or patterned delivery
  • Free UK to Switzerland pallet delivery rates guestimate via our Internet portal or comparison portal
  • Cheap 1,000 mm × 1,200 mm pallet transport to Lancy from Armagh, emergency Euro3 pallet transportation to La Chaux-de-Fonds from Bristol, same day EUR-2 pallet shipping to Fribourg from Canterbury, express 31.50 in × 47.24 in pallet delivery to Kriens from Leicester, cheap Euro1 pallet freight forwarding to Rapperswil from Cardiff and different
  • Emergency goods on pallet moving to Köniz from Prague, late night dairy products collect and transport from Aussersihl to Bydgoszcz, early afternoon personal effects haulage from Chur to Madrid, weekend motorbike and van removal from Zürich to Kaunas, early morning twenty feet container transport by land from Emmen to Bremen, Sunday factory equipment removals from Geneva to Palermo and more

Freight to Switzerland

As you can see from the above, Switzerland has a booming economy with a favourable business environment and high purchasing power. However, it does not belong to the European Union. So, the shipment of freight from the UK to Switzerland or from the country to the UK requires some paperwork as you will have to do certain custom documentation. If you want to ship cargo to Switzerland from London, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Birmingham, Manchester, Berlin, Barcelona and more, you will need an experienced UK or Swiss freight shipping company to guide and help you with all the paperwork and logistics. But this is not something that you have to worry about because we are there to help you and work with you throughout the process so that you will have a smooth urgent, overnight freight transport to Switzerland by road or container. Whether you are just starting or you have been trading and shipping freight to Zurich,Köniz, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Rapperswil, Schaffhausen, Fribourg, Chur or Neuchâtel , we can rely on our next day cargo delivery services. Each type of freight or shipment has its requirement. While some will require you to complete EUR1 form others will require a commercial invoice. Regardless of what your shipment requires, you don’t have to worry about anything. Our last minute affordable Swiss cargo haulage companies will apply our experience in helping you out.

Whether you are shipping furniture, pallets, refrigerated food, machinery or want to transport freight into Switzerland from the UK or into the UK from Switzerland, you will be required to pay customs as well as other duties and local taxes. Once your freight is in our possession, you have nothing again to worry. We will take it from there. Our Swiss customs agent will clear the goods, do all the paperwork and clear all payments including the VAT and Duty. We are an independent professional Swiss freight forwarder that offer full truck transport, man with a van or last minute express pallet courier to Switzerland services. Thus, we offer both full-load and part-load freight services. Unlike other Swiss freight companies, we don’t run an impersonal call centres. Switzerland has four official languages. Our agents are very proficient in each of these languages. So, no matter the part of Switzerland your freight is moving to, we can handle them proficiently. Besides, our partners have good mastery of every part of the country. We also offer pallet delivery to Spain from Switzerland. They will be able to guide you and provide you with useful local information that will be of help to you and your business. They can take your items to any part of the country that you desire. They know the various roads and the types of vehicles allowed in them. So, they will surely take your freight to the right location if you pay for a full freight delivery package. With our service, you will experience little or no downtime in your business operation.

We have different kinds of vehicles for freight delivery. With our large fleet of vehicles, we are able to handle various kinds of loads. We have large, medium and small sizes of vans and trucks. So, no matter how large your freight is, we can deliver it safely to the final point whether you are moving cargo from the UK to Switzerland or from Switzerland to the UK. We offer cheapest economy services. If you are on budget, there is cause for alarm. You can make use of our groupage services. We normally get large orders from different people and businesses. Thus, it does not take time for our truck to get filled. So, your goods will still get to you on time if you use our cheap groupage shipping to Switzerland services. Simply phone us to find out last minute average pallet to Switzerland delivery costs.

Swiss freight forwardersSwitzerland has a very good road network consisting of 1,638 kilometers motorway (by the year 2000). We take advantage of the road network of the country. We also find out the traffic condition of each of the roads and motorways in the country and know which one is the best to follow. For example, if St. Gotthard tunnel which is a part of A2 motorway has heavy traffic congestion, our driver will take another alternative, which is the tunnel going through the Alps, namely, the San Bernardino road tunnel.

Apart from timely delivery and wide range of delivery options, we also offer quality, reliable and inexpensive freight delivery services from the UK to Switzerland and vice versa. However, the cost depends on the delivery time option you prefer. We offer next day cargo delivery to Switzerland from Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Norway, Belgium Netherlands and from all Europe as well as 2 day delivery services. Our next day delivery service means that your freight will get to you within 24 hours from the time of collection. The longer the delivery time, the cheaper the service cost will be. If you order for groupage, you will pay less amount of money but your freight will take a couple of days to be cleared. In general, it will not take longer days than it should.

We are quite aware that once your freight is on the move, you will definitely want to get the freight status update. We have the technology to provide you with the status of your freight. We are always in contact with the freight delivery team conveying your goods to the final point. So, at any point in time, we know exactly their location and condition of the shipment. Our same day collection Swiss freight forwarders can always provide you with information about your consignment. Besides, we use vehicles that have GPS tracking to enable us generate progress reports to our clients. With this technology, you will not have any worry about your consignment.

We are aware that our customers have different needs. Some have fragile goods while some require quick delivery. We have taken measures to enable us handle various kinds of cargo. You can rely on us regardless of the type of cargo you have and your time constraint. If you have urgent freight delivery or emergency freight courier, you can call on us. We will always meet your deadline. Cheap timed pallet delivery to Switzerland from London, Malmo, Brussels, Paris, Warsaw, Dublin is also our strength.

Pallet courier Switzerland

As an experience international Swiss shipping company, we also provide express pallet courier to Switzerland and from Switzerland to the UK. We offer road and sea delivery services as well as air services. We can deliver your pallet within 24 hours. However, if you prefer next-day delivery, you should make sure that you make your booking on or before 4pm the day following when it will be collected. But if you want same day delivery, then you should consider using our airfreight delivery service. However, it is more expensive than other delivery option. The sea pallet delivery option is the cheapest. The only problem with this method of delivery is that the delivery time is longer than the delivery time of the other methods.

Our Swiss haulage companies move with technology. In line with the technology of our time, we have introduced a quick and unique method of getting instant quotes via the internet. It is quite easy to use. Our system is very efficient and will provide you with accurate quote insofar as you provide all the information required accurately. However, we are always flexible with our system and try to accommodate all our clients. So, in case you don’t want to use the internet or you prefer speaking with somebody, there is no problem. You can call our lines. A member of our staff will speak with you to provide you with the quote. Feel free to ask any question you like or make any inquiry. You can also seek for advice on the best freight shipping option according to your situation. We also offer pallet delivery to Germany from Switzerland.

There are a number of reasons why you should utilize our next day pallet to Switzerland delivery services. First, we have the experience. We have been in the industry for many years. Within these years, we have handled freight and pallet delivery for both private individual and commercial establishments. Secondly, we work with trusted and honest agents and carriers. Thus, with us handling your pallet, you will have a complete peace of mind. Our efficient and 24/7 customer care service is another reason why you should hire our services. With us, you are not alone. Contact us any time you have an inquiry to make or ask any question about our services. Our online booking is available on 24/7 basis. So, you can book any time you want. Our services are also very much affordable. Besides, we have different packages to meet different needs. With our services, you will be able to make some saving on your shipment. Sending freight to Switzerland from the UK does not have to be too expensive.

Exporting to Switzerland

Switzerland is a great country to do business with. It is culturally diverse homing people from different parts of world including popular European countries such as France, Italy and Germany. This cultural diversity makes it a nice location to test newly produced goods, technology and services. Taxes in Switzerland is low. This means a significant saving for any person doing business in the country.

Switzerland is very verse in technology. There is no doubt this aids the doing of business in the country. However, this does not mean that the Swiss do not keep to the rules. They are conservative and abide by the tradition. They tend towards empirical-thinking but their culture is ethnic-centered. This implies that they have strong believe in their culture and are careful of influence from the outside. Their attitude is “if you are not Swiss, you are not Swiss. So, if you are planning to do business in the country, you should take this factor into consideration. However, there are tips that will help you to deal with the Swiss when you are dealing with them.

  • Always be polite and dress very well meaning that you should look presentable.
  • Avoid dressing casually (such as putting on jeans) during your first-time business meeting unless it is an acceptable dress for your business.
  • Put on beautiful but simple crafted Swiss Watch and other jewellery
  • Keep to appointments and be punctual. In case you will not make it on time for any reason make sure that you call to inform your clients of that. This is important if you are in the German speaking side.
  • Don’t ask too much question especially about personal life such as age, occupation, religion etc.
  • Be mindful of what you say and how you say it because the Swiss are attentive.
  • Don’t try to convince a Swiss or talk them into doing what they don’t want because you may not succeed as they are conservative in their opinion.
  • Pallet delivery to Slovakia from Switzerland
  • It will also be to your interest to learn any of the official languages of the country especially the dominant language of the locality you will be staying in.
  • If you are planning to do business in the Switzerland, it is essential that you establish a business that is relevant to the country. It is not every business that will strive in the country. Some of the businesses that will sell well include vehicles, generators, pharmaceuticals, water and sanitation supplies, basic tools, freight forwarding equipment, inspection services, shelter and domestic items, communications equipment, specialized consultancies, specialized training and others.

Compare cargo to Switzerland shipping costs

Should you be going to check and compare short notice frozen food, chilled products or any other large freight export prices to Switzerland from the GB, Sweden, Wales, Moldova, Scotland, Holland, Ukraine, Romania, and Norway and from all Europe you might realize it speedily and expertly here via our land line. Our bargain-counter, last minute Swiss freight shipping companies are aware circumspectly and cautiously how much it costs to forward refrigerated products from Basel to Lincoln, to transport garden tools from Stoke-on-Trent to Neuchâtel, how much it is to send 100 cm × 120 cm pallet from Sitten to Lichfield, to ship flat rack container to Sankt Gallen from Londonderry, how much is to move manufacturing machinery from St Albans to Altstetten and anything you attempt. Our employee is in position to work out 24/7 UK to Switzerland pallet transport rates in just a few flickers. Chat with us now for any late afternoon, late evening or next day Switzerland to the UK approximate cargo haulage costs for all level of corporate and private stuff: pantechnicons, motorcycle container, meat and poultry products, EUR-3 pallet, wardrobes, dresser, household furniture, moving home boxes, wardrobes, credenzas and etc.. Our most popular and well-received journeys enclose: low-price economy personal items pick-up and delivery Luzern to Brighton, cheap long distance cargo transport by road Vernier to Portsmouth, low-priced urgent goods on pallets transport Schaffhausen to Dundee, economy emergency freight transportation Lugano to Lancaster, cheapest same day excess baggage shipping Bern to Aberdeen and other.

Swiss haulage companiesA little padding ruffs and expediencies to be interested in or bank on our Switzerland to UK freight delivery forwarders:

  • Periodic, attractive, express, bank holiday pallet pick-up and transportation Thun to Lisburn, Winterthur to Wolverhampton, Biel/Bienne to Bradford, Lausanne to York ...
  • Cheap moving house boxes, machinery, extra luggage, patio chair, adult bicycle, place mats & dining textiles, container, ottomans and other added house and apartment movables road transport Lancy to Marseille, La Chaux-de-Fonds to Dublin, Fribourg to Ostrava, Kriens to Frankfurt, Rapperswil to Bielefeld and similar
  • Free ride dire cargo to Switzerland shipping prices summation, costs proposal
  • Same day budget man & van Switzerland to UK for any four or two bedroom shack or condominium removal or 1 carton, package or suitcase moving
  • We work with many Irish freight forwarders
  • Low budged, Saturday or late night, cheap Swiss freight road transport movers for every stretch of built, copious, elephantine items and equipment: moving household goods to Köniz, EUR-1 pallet transport by road Aussersihl, machinery forwarding Chur to Salford, lorry moving Zürich to Salisbury and everything you aspire.
  • One of our workers is able to estimate average pallet to Switzerland removals rates and will send you a text how much it costs to pick up and move your wares and will telephone you with our cost proffer in the time of as little as a couple of blinks

Swiss Freight forwarders

Thanks to a large good batch of Swiss freight forwarders we will be happy to run strikingly low-priced oversized cargo haulage costs to Switzerland from the United Kingdom, Newport, Chichester, Worcester, Hereford, Liverpool and many more. Don't dissipate your costly time. Benefit from our chargeless data network to investigate Swiss freight transport firms to export cargo, frozen food or gravid equipment like three knife trimmers, u. v. coaters & dryers, wheel skidders, buckets or light duty stackers. Investigate most proven and friendly Swiss cargo moving firms which have the facility to get done quick, short notice man and van at as little as a very short reservation. Single out prompt and last minute Switzerland to the UK pallet transport for an early afternoon or weekend export. Approach how much is to move half, four, 37, shared van or twenty one pallets to Emmen from Oxford, to Geneva from Sunderland, from Exeter to Basel, from Coventry to Neuchâtel and better. We also do cargo to Austria from Switzerland.

  • Cheapest 24/7 cargo delivery to Sitten from London, Manchester, Cologne, Valencia
  • Urgent freight haulage to Sankt Gallen, Altstetten from London, Inverness, Cluj-Napoca, Szczecin
  • Next day pallet transport to Luzern, Vernier from Bath, Gloucester, Alicante, Budapest
  • Last minute forty foot, 40 ft shipping, removable tarpaulin roof and 40 foot container haulage to Schaffhausen from Durham, Westminster, Antwerp, Zaragoza
  • 24/7 frozen products, fresh food and fresh vegetables transport to Lugano and Bern from Preston, Stirling, Sofia, Bilbao
  • Economy early morning, Sunday and late afternoon furniture and vegetables collection and transport to Thun or Winterthur from Glasgow, Winchester, Copenhagen, Dortmund
  • Sending freight to Belgium from Switzerland
  • Short notice, late evening and bank holiday cargo delivery to Switzerland from Northern Ireland, England, Biel/Bienne, Lausanne and Lancy
  • Recurrent, every time, licensed and systematic production equipment haulage to La Chaux-de-Fonds and Fribourg from Swansea, Birmingham, Lyon, Lublin
  • Every day, affordable and weekly two or three house removal to Kriens, Rapperswil from Belfast, Southampton, Tallinn, Athens
  • Fixed fast cargo courier to Köniz and Aussersihl from Norwich, Hull, Vienna, Turin
  • Express 40 feet container delivery to Chur and Zürich from Sheffield, Wakefield, Peterborough, Nuremberg, Düsseldorf
  • Cheap freight transportation to Emmen, Geneva, Basel and Neuchâtel from Nottingham, Newcastle upon Tyne, Dresden, The Hague
  • Emergency, 1/4, LTL or sole use delivery to Switzerland from Macedonia, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania.
  • We also work with UK to Luxembourg freight forwarder Switzerland.